I want to ring in the New Year with a strong nurse practitioner program– one that has unique offerings and provides a high quality nurse practitioner education.  My search for 2013’s first featured NP program landed me on George Washington University’s School of Nursing website where I became convinced this was the program to pick. What makes George Washington University a good choice for prospective nurse practitioner students?

Variety of Entry Options

Don’t have your BSN?  No problem!  George Washington University’s School of Nursing offers multiple entry options into their nurse practitioner programs.  Students with an associate degree in nursing can complete their BSN and MSN rolled into one streamlined program.  Unlike many other schools offering these kinds of accelerated programs, GW’s ADN to BSN/MSN is completed online giving students greater flexibility.

If you have already completed your BSN degree, George Washington University offers both MSN and DNP degrees with multiple specialty options.  Students can complete a MSN with a focus in Adult Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Research Administration, Family Nurse Practitioner, Health Care Quality, Nursing Leadership and Management or Nurse Midwifery.  Even better- MSN programs are completed online.  The School of nursing currently has students enrolled in 46 states and military locations.  GW’s DNP program accepts both post-BSN and post-MSN students with multiple specialty options for each entry point.

Students Speak Highly of GW’s Nursing Programs

Every nurse practitioner student worries about employment eligibility when they graduate.  It can be tough to find your first graduate nursing position.  Student Carrie Catanzaro, MSN-Clinical Research Administration graduate of GW believes her credentials from this top school helped her land her first clinical research position with a major drug development company.  “Normally these types of positions require experience to ‘get in’ but I am confident that having the MSN-CRA from GW was extremely helpful in getting my foot in the door and will serve me well when I seek out higher level positions within the company” she says.

GW Combines Nursing with other Interests

George Washington University’s School of Nursing does not limit students to a purely clinical focus but allows them to explore other areas of interest.  A 2012 mission to Haiti allowed students to participate in offering primary care internationally while back in Virginia other nursing students volunteered at a health fair offering medical screenings.  Innovative DNP programs such as the DNP in Entrepreneurship and Leadership offered in partnership with the GW School of Business allow students to blend business and nursing interests.

There is good reason GW School of Nursing was named in the top 10% of nursing schools by US News & World Report.  Prospective nurse practitioner students, especially those interested in an online education should certainly give George Washington University a look.

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