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With the hype surrounding the early and intense flu season this year, it seems some pharmacies are running low on the precious flu vaccine.  Fortunately, there is an online tool available for your patients directing them to the nearest location stocking this indispensable inoculation.

Using Health Map Vaccine Finder your patients simply input their address or zip code and pharmacies currently supplying the influenza vaccine appear on the right side of their screen.  With over 40,000 pharmacies in the Health Map database, pharmacies in your area are sure to participate.  Patients may also narrow their search by identifying their flu vaccine of interest.  Health Map Vaccine Finder allows users to select ‘Flu Shot’, ‘Intradermal Flu Shot’, ‘High-Dose Flu Shot’ and ‘Flu Nasal Spray’.

Curious about the level of influenza activity in your community?  Google Flu Trends allows you to survey influenza activity across the globe.  It appears we should all migrate to Brazil for the winter.  While flu activity is currently ranked ‘Intense’ in nearly every U.S. state, it remains just ‘Minimal’ throughout South America.

So, unless you have the time or the means to visit a warmer climate for the winter, get your flu shot.  If you area is experiencing a vaccine shortage, Health Map Vaccine Finder can help out in finding flu shots for you and your patients. 

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One thought on “Influenza Update: Where to Find Flu Vaccine in Your Area”

  • What are the real risks of not getting a flu shot? My wife refuses to get one because she says everyone in her family who has gotten the shot, gets sick, while she has avoided colds/the flu for many years. Is there compelling evidence that I can give her or do I have to put up with her claims of having a superior immune system?

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