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The news is out- Healthcare Reform has passed.  Whether or not you support Obama’s Affordable Care Act, if you work in healthcare, this decision will affect you. 

What Does the Affordable Care Act Promise Nurse Practitioners?

The Obama administration is promising $30 million toward training 600 nurse practitioners (yes, we agree, it should not cost this much) including incentives for part-time students to become full-time in order to complete their nurse practitioner programs more quickly.  $15 million is allotted to open ten nurse practitioner run clinics.  These clinics, staffed by nurse practitioners, will provide comprehensive health services in underserved communities.

Yes, I agree, the training of 600 nurse practitioners and the opening of only ten clinics nationwide will not provide enough care for the 30 million Americans about to receive health insurance, but I do think that the specific mention of nurse practitioners in the Affordable Care Act is significant.

How Will Health Reform Affect Nurse Practitioners?

Even if you do not support the Obama administration or the Affordable Care Act, if you are a nurse practitioner, this legislation may benefit you.  The millions of Americans about to gain access to primary care services need healthcare providers.  Nurse practitioners have been named a key player in providing a cost effective solution to this problem.  

For nurse practitioners, this means a much better job market.  Nurse practitioners should expect to see more positions opening as healthcare reform sweeps the country, especially in primary care.  States are experiencing increasing pressure to allow nurse practitioners to practice and prescribe independently providing you more freedom in your practice.  This gives you as a nurse practitioner more autonomy. 

We will only know if the Affordable Care Act is good or bad for our country with time, but we do know that it will certainly positively affect the nurse practitioner career. 

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One thought on “How Will Healthcare Reform Affect Nurse Practitioners?”

  • The nurse practitioners will fill in the gap, due to doctor shortage. I think this will be a positive move to have nurse practitioner on all insurances as providers. This. Will be a great help we do not need doctor to supervise us. We can work as a team,

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