Do your patients ever ask you for advice on health insurance?  As a nurse practitioner I should know something about health insurance, but to be honest I really don’t.  There are so many different insurance companies, plans and networks who has time to become an expert in both medicine and health insurance?  But, for patients, this is an important issue and dictates their ability to pay for their medical care and prescriptions.

Fortunately for healthcare providers and patients a Nashville company, Bernard Health, provides unbiased health insurance advice for patients. Similar to tax advice companies such as H&R Block, patients can walk into a Bernard Health retail store, pay a nominal fee, discuss their needs with a non-commissioned advisor and walk out with the best health insurance plan to meet their needs.  Patients are able to find a plan that covers the prescriptions they need and ensure their healthcare provider will be covered under their plan.  Most importantly, Bernard Health offers Medicare Advice for patients turning 65 or who may need to have changes made to their Medicare plan. 

As a nurse practitioner, it can be frustrating not to have answers to patient’s health insurance and Medicare questions as these directly affect the care I provide.  Bernard Health has been a great resource for my patients.  Bernard Health currently has stores in Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN with plans to expand to other states in the near future. 

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