Growing up on the West Coast where frying your food is somewhat of a sin, I have lived most of my life unaware of the dangers a Thanksgiving turkey can present.  Then I moved to the good ‘ole South.  To solve the problem of the dry, flavorless turkey, Southerners simply stick their Holiday fowl in the fryer.  Frying your Thanksgiving bird is, however a dangerous proposition.

For my Thanksgiving post, I wanted to give you a good laugh by finding a few stories from the ER describing disastrous turkey related injuries based on ridiculous acts of stupidity.  But, I couldn’t find any.  What I did find are a lot of boring stories about gastroenteritis induced by undercooked meat.  And some turkey fryer explosion facts.

Did you know that turkey fryer mishaps are responsible for $15 million dollars in property damage each Thanksgiving resulting in many injuries?  Apparently the turkey fryer is inherently unstable and easily drips hot oil which can potentially ignite resulting in severe grease burns.  Stupidity can compound the turkey fryer situation- putting a frozen or partially frozen turkey in a fryer generally results in explosion.

So, unless you live in Colorado or Washington State where smoking marijuana is socially acceptable but fried food is not, post some turkey-frying safety tips around your clinic this week to help your patients avoid injury.  I hope you all have a safe, happy Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and turkey.

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