Umm, don’t you mean November?  No, I don’t.  A movement to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, known as Movember, is sweeping the nation this month using the mustache as their signature.  Men across the U.S. are sprouting their ‘staches in support of this initiative. 

Men supporting this movement, known as ‘Mo Bros’, begin the month in clean shaven fashion.  Then, as the month progresses they sport their growing mustaches with confidence prompting conversation directed towards men’s health issues.

What can women do to support the cause?  Well, a few women may be able to grow their own facial hair in support (they should probably be supporting the cause of hirsutism as well).  Perhaps some women can go without their usual monthly lip wax.  I don’t recommend either of these options.  In lieu of showing off facial hair, women known as ‘Mo Sistas’ are simply asked to support the men in their lives throughout their mustache growing endeavors. 

In 2011, the Movember movement raised nearly 2 million dollars in donations for testicular and prostate cancer.  This money went to support men’s health organizations such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG Foundation and Global Action Plan.

Concerned that you or your man may be shunned by society for your mustache appreciation attempt?  Fortunately, the American Mustache Institute provides a list of America’s most mustache friendly cities. 

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