If you’ve poked around the MidlevelU blog for any length of time, you probably know that I am an Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner.  You also know that I love my job.  I relish the odd hours and resulting flexibility, the challenge of multitasking, the constant intellectual stimulation and close relationships with my colleagues.  Not to mention, ER NP’s are paid well above average(!).

If you too are looking for an Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner position, you’re in luck.  Today, I received information about four available Emergency Nurse Practitioner positions across the country from Washington State to New York.  And, one of these employers is even open to considering new grads (unheard of in the ER).  So, if you are looking to break into the ER NP job market or simply transition to a new position, check out these amazing options.

1. Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner in New York

Looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of NYC?  This ER NP opportunity may be right for you.  Located near Adirondack State Park, this job opportunity is situated on the river in a young, vibrant community.  This employer is seeking a nurse practitioner to work in the emergency departmet of a 94 bed hospital.  The position offers full benefits and a competitive salary.  Interested?  For more information Click Here.

2. Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner in Illinois

Let’s get straight to the bottom-line.  This ER NP opportunity in Southeastern Illinois pays $110,000 to $125,00 a year, well above the average NP salary.  Full benefits, retirement and a relocation allowance are also offered.  Such a high salary must mean a lot of night shifts, right?  Nope.  This hospital is seeking a nurse practitioner for weekday shifts 6am to 6pm.  No nights or weekends is a rare find among nurse practitioners, especially those working in the emergency department.  What’s the catch?  This employer is looking to hire a NP with ER experience.  Think you are a good fit for this Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner position?  Click Here for contact information.

3. Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner in Michigan

A facility in Southwestern Michigan is looking for a nurse practitioner to float between their ER and brand new urgent care center.  This seems like a great opportunity for a NP who likes the excitement of the fast-paced emergency department but still wants to spend some time treating lower acuity patients.  What would your life look like in this unique float position?  ER shifts are from 1pm to 11pm while urgent care shifts are from 11am to 9pm.  On average, this nurse practitioner would work 80 hours per pay period and earn $90,000 to $100,000 per year in addition to a full benefit package, retirement benefits and time off for continuing education.  If you are interested in this unique job opportunity, Click Here for more information. 

4. Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner in Washington State

Love the great outdoors?  This opportunity could be the perfect fit for you.  Located in the great state of Washington, with close proximity to outdoor recreation, this small community based hospital west of Spokane is looking to add a NP to their ER staff.  This position highlights a flexible schedule with the nurse practitioner electing to work either two, 24 hour shifts or three, 12 hour shifts each week.  Candidates with prior emergency medicine experience are encouraged to apply, but this employer will also consider new graduates with RN ER experience.  A competitive salary, full benefits and relocation allowance are also offered.  Interested in learning more about this position?  Click Here for more information.

I can’t say enough about the life as an Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner and am thrilled to find so many open ER NP positions nationwide.  I hope you find a job opportunity that works for you.

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