Whew! It’s been a BIG week here at MidlevelU headquarters. In between working a few night shifts in the ER, I’ve found myself in New York City not once, but twice for Fox News channel appearances. Wednesday evening I hopped on a plane and flew to the Big Apple preparing for my Thursday morning hit in flight. 

I arrived at Fox News studios bright and early Thursday morning and immediately headed to the Fox and Friends green room for some much needed coffee. After a dash of makeup (OK, maybe more than a dash) and some serious hairspray and back-combing action, I was ready to meet star host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. 

On the show, Elisabeth and I talked common summertime kids injuries. Drawing from my everyday ER experience, we discussed treatment of everything from beestings and sprains to campfire burns. If you were still getting your beauty sleep at 6:22am on Thursday morning, you missed a good show! You can catch up by watching the clip on the Fox News website

Today, I’m back in the city for another news hit and what better topic to kick off the weekend than celeb diet trends? Tune in to Fox and Friends tomorrow, Saturday June 28th at 6:50am EST, to hear the pitfalls of Hollywood’s latest weight loss tactics. Want a sneak peek of the Fox and Friends green room? Follow @MidlevelU and @Erin_Tolbert for some early am pics. 

Nurse practitioners weigh in! Do you think the baby food diet is effective? Can eating clay safely aid weight loss?


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