As a female under the age of 45 (just let me stereotype here for a minute), I of course love Pinterest.  The photos, the food, the home decor and the fashion- I rely on Pinterest for inspiration whether I am looking for the perfect new pair of Fall boots or ikat throw pillows to distract visitors to my home from the puppy-chew-hole in my living room couch.  While reading from fellow blogger Janet Helm’s Nutrition Unplugged, I was slightly annoyed by her disdain for the photos of desserts on Pinterest. 

Janet’s concern is that the “food porn” slathered over pin boards everywhere promotes an unhealthy diet.  Sure, the most popular food repins of all-time include Oreo Layer Dessert (46,309 repins) and Butterfinger Pie (21,663 repins) but let’s face it, a serving of Oreo goodness just photographs better than the carrot sticks I buy at Kroger every week.  It’s not like I am going to make some cream cheese and cookie-filled creation for dessert when I arrive home from work each night.  Maybe for my future second grader’s 7th birthday party (no, I don’t have kids, this is all just speculation) but this is a one time special occasion.  Viewing photos of towering desserts online is similar to looking at a cooking magazine- the photography is interesting to look at for it’s aesthetic appeal, but there is no way I am going home and making all of the recipes. 

Furthermore, this is America people!  The land of freedom of choice.  I say, put your recipes out there and leave it up to other viewers to decide to make them or not.  Pinterest users know that cookies and whipped cream blended together and covered with chocolate sauce will make you fat.  It’s no secret. Let’s not censor our media but allow for individual decision making.

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