Whether you are a nurse practitioner student or an officially certified nurse practitioner, we all know how had it can be to find a quality clinical site.  NP preceptors are few and far between.  Without this prized clinical experience, we cannot graduate and move on with our careers.

Last week, NP student Michelle addressed the nurse practitioner community by posting a comment on MidlevelU asking readers to assist in her search for a clinical preceptor.  I wanted to dedicate an official blog post to helping her with her dilemma.  

Michelle says “I am a student enrolled in Walden University’s Family Nurse Practitioner program.  This summer I begin my practicums and since I work in home health, am finding it difficult to find a place to complete practicum training.  I live in Fort Mill, SC area, close to Charlotte, North Carolina.  If anyone is interested in being a preceptor or can offer suggestions to set up practicums, I would welcome information.”

Let’s help Michelle find a clinical placement!  If you are a Family Nurse Practitioner, Physician or Physician Assistant practicing in the Fort Mill, SC area or Charlotte, North Carolina or have contacts who would be wiling to help Michelle with her clinical placement, please comment below.  

Check out THIS POST for some other helpful hints in locating a nurse practitioner clinical placement.

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23 thoughts on “Calling All North and South Carolina NP’s!”

  • Hi
    I am a Nurse Practitioner student in York SC and I attend Walden university. I am looking for a clinical site to start in the spring semester. If anyone knows of a clinical site please let me know. I have been looking and coming up with the same response. They are not taking students at this time. If anyone is willing to be a preceptor or know of a clinical site please let me know.

  • Hi there. I am also a Nurse Practitioner student in Murrells Inlet SC. I am enrolled in Drexel University and am also currently looking for a summer preceptor. I would welcome any help at all.

  • Hello everyone, I’m definitely in need of two preceptors. One for pediatrician and the other obgyn. I live in the Martinsville/Danville area. I only have 3 weeks before my whole carrer could possibly be put on hold. I have been searching for what seems like ages but haven’t been blessed to find any preceptors who will allow me opportunity to train and learn beside them. I only have 6 months till graduation and have worked so hard, so much support from family, but this one I need help in the nursing community. If you are a Dr.in this area or any fellow nursing student know of anyone willing to help please contact me right away. This will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at thampton02@gmail.com and thanks again.

  • Hello, my name is Kristina Deveau. I am an FNP student at Arizona State University, my husband was transferred to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC. I am currently looking for a 90 hour (about 1 day per week) rotation in pediatric primary care for spring semester and a 135 hour (about 2 days per week) rotation in an internal medicine or family practice setting. I can be precepted by a NP, MD, or DO. Spring semester starts January 12, 2015 and concludes May 11, 2015. Do you know anyone that would be able to accommodate this?

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    Thank you,

    Kristina Deveau, RN, BSN
    Arizona State University
    DNP-FNP Student

  • Hi Kristina,

    I don’t have anyone in our preceptor database at this time to fill these positions but I will let you know if anyone comes up!

  • My school just notified me that they are having difficulty finding placement for my last semester at Georgetown in the FNP program, which starts Jan 2015. I live in Charlotte, NC, but I can go up to 100 miles one way to anywhere in North or South Carolina. I need to get 250 hours done in a family practice/internal med area from Jan 2015-April 2015. If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank so much

  • Andrew Blocker says:

    I am a Nurse Practitioner Student at the University of South Alabama, and looking for clinical preceptors in the Charlotte, NC area. I start clinical rotations in the fall (240 clinical hours): 60 OB/GYN, 60 peds, and 120 family practice. I will be moving back to Fort Mill, SC in two weeks from now, so if I need to stop by an interview or if you need a resume, please let me know. My email address is awb6488@gmail.com

  • Nicole Miller says:

    I am a Family Nurse Practitioner student at Walden University and I am currently seeking a clinical site that begins June, 2015. I live in Charleston, SC, but can travel where ever a spot opens up (within reason). My email address is calleiro21@gmail.com. I can offer a resume if needed.

    Thank you.

  • Melissa Mitchell says:

    Hi I’m a FNP student looking for a preceptor in Charleston, SC (or surrounding area). I”m willing to drive up to an hour and a half away. I need 98 hours of a family care rotation starting May 30th, 2016. I can send a resume if needed. Please contact me at Melissa.Mitchell66@hotmail.com. Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Everyone,
    I am also seeking a FNP, MD, DO in a primary setting for Advanced Health Assessment. Primary focus for clinical experience is head to toe assessment across the lifespan. I need 98 hrs total starting August 8- Dec 2. My email is dcooke@email.sc.edu. I am willing to travel. I live in Greenville, SC. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • Hi I’am a PMHNP student looking for a preceptor in York County,SC( or surrounding area or an hour away).University of South Carolina-I need 98 hours of Family Practice starting August 17,2016 that is 14 weeks.Please Iam desperate for a preceptor.Thank you for the consideration.
    Email: anubobb@gmail.com

  • Hi everyone,
    I am a FNP student at Walden University in need of clinical sites in Primary Care starting next February 2017. I live in Charleston, SC and am willing to travel. My email address is mdelcioppo@gmail.com. I need 144 hours over 12 weeks.
    Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated!

  • I am an FNP student looking for an adult health clinical site for the Spring 2018 semester preferably in Raleigh, NC or surrounding area. Please let me know if anyone can be of assistance.

  • I am in need of an adult health clinical rotation site for the Spring 2018 semester. I need 120hours or as many as you can provide. I will be an FNP student in my second semester at that time. I live in Raleigh, NC but I’m willing to travel. Please let me know if you can be of assistance!
    email: slm2755@uncw.edu

  • Mary Beth Craig says:

    I am a FNP student at Chamberlain College of Nursing and I have been a Registered Nurse for 24 years. I am an Advanced Practice Nursing Student, and I am pursuing my educational career goals to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am currently seeking a preceptor/mentor to complete my practicum hours in Pediatrics, OB/GYN, and Family Practice. Practicum hours would consist of 16 to 24 hours a week over an 8-week period. Dates for Practicum are January 2018 (Jan 2 – Feb 25) and/or March 2018 (Feb 25 – April 22) and/or April 2018 (April 30 – June 23).

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding the ability to complete my FNP practicum hours with you and your healthcare system,

    Mary Beth Craig

  • I am a student NP needing a 10 week clinical site for ob/gyn and a 10 week clinical site for peds.. Semester to start last week in March 2018..I am currently sitting out a semester because of lack of..I am near Ashville, nc, willing to go to nc or sc..please help..thanks in advance. tatiebug_1@yahoo.com is my email address….. I have contacted 179 sites with no luck…any leads at all please.

  • Lethea Elizabeth Cochran says:

    Hello, my name is Lethea Cochran I am an FNP student at South University and I am two class/clinicals from graduation. I am in need of a PEDS rotation. I am willing to travel. My pediatrician I was supposed to do clinical with is retiring in August (in the middle of my rotation) I was supposed to start on July 19, 2018. HELP!!!

  • Natalia Milliken says:

    My name is Natalia, I am at Purdue University Global obtaining my FNP degree. I live in Bluffton, SC, any nearby areas would work for me, including Hilton Head, Savannah, Beaufort areas. I had to sit out for months but I was able to find my Family Care clinical. Next is Women’s Health /OBGYN rotation, starting on July 31, 2019 and then Pediatrics October 16, 2019. All clinicals are 10 weeks and only 16 hours a week are required. I am very passionate about my education, career and serving my community in the near future. I can’t wait to learn so much and graduate in a year if I find preceptors for my clinicals. If there is a chance you could accept me, I will be grateful forever. Please contact me at nataliamilliken@gmail.com.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Karina Hurley says:

    I am in dire need of a Women’s health preceptor starting Feb.27. I REALLY need 40 hrs of pre/post natal care visits, but if someone is will to do the entire rotation which requires 144 hrs that would be AMAZING!! I attend Walden University. This is my last practicum rotation so I really do not want out sit out the quarter. Thank you!

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