What if a bra could replace the need for your next screening mammogram?  Well it looks like this may be possible the the new ‘Smart Bra’ developed by First Warning Systems Inc.  Unlike your standard sports bra, this technological piece of apparel not only provides support but also detects breast tumors.

How Does the Smart Bra Work?

The ‘Smart Bra’, technically named the Breast Tissue Abnormality Early Alert TM (BTA EarlyAlertsTM), works by detecting minute changes in skin temperature associated with new blood vessel growth know as angiogenesis.  As cancerous tissue grows, it manifests distinct temperature patterns differing from that of normal tissue.  Normal tissue temperature follows a circadian rhythm, changing slightly in a predictable pattern throughout the day.  Cancerous tissue does not respond to the body’s hormonal signals and therefore has constant blood flow and less circadian variation in temperature. 

‘Smart Bra’ More Effective Than Mammography

Inventors of the ‘Smart Bra’ believe it to be more effective and safer than mammography.  BTA EarlyAlertsTM does not expose patients to radiation nor is it invasive.  Researchers note that mammograms have a false positive rate of over 43% leading to an unnecessarily large number of breast biopsies.  Mammograms are grossly inaccurate in women under age 40 and are often unable to detect breast tumors until cancerous cells have been present for about 11 years.  This new lingerie creation, however detects tumors much sooner and more accurately than mammograms.  The ‘Smart Bra’ boasts a 90% accuracy rate in detecting breast cancer and is able to do so up to 6 years sooner than mammography.

How Much Does the ‘Smart Bra’ Cost?  When Can You Purchase it For Your Clinic?

At just $1,000, the BTAEarlyAlertsTM bra is much less expensive than mammography equipment.  Once the bra device is purchased, the ‘Smart Bra’ can render a breast cancer detection report for just $100 as opposed to the $500 charge for a mammogram.  This new technology promises to save patients thousands of dollars over a lifetime of breast cancer screening.  It does not require special skills or technicians to use.  Clincs and hospitals will need only an internet connection to make use of this innovative cancer screening technology.

Unfortunately, the BTA EarlyAlertsTM bra is not yet available for public use.  It remains in trial phases.  A date of release has not been announced.  Keep your eyes peeled, we will let you know when this exciting new technology becomes available for use in your workplace.


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