If you watch Morning Joe on MSNBC or listen to the radio in the D.C. area you may have noticed commercials advertising nurse practitioners.  I’m a little late in posting about the new American Academy of Nurse Practitioner’s ads, but better late than never, right?  Beginning last month, the AANP launched a national public awareness campaign to raise awareness and visibility of the role of the nurse practitioner.

The AANP wants the public to know that “nurse practitioners are leading the charge” as millions more Americans are projected to become insured over the next few years.  David Hebert, chief executive of the AANP says “with approximately 2/3 of Americans having seen an NP for their primary care needs, Americans make over 916 million visits to nurse practitioners every year”.  That’s a lot of visits.  The AANP hopes Americans will continue to look to nurse practitioners to meet their health care needs.

The AANP is hitting all types of media outlets including:

  • Television spots airing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe
  • Radio segments airing on Washington D.C. radio stations
  • Print campaigns in Roll Call and Politico

So, if you’ve missed the AANP’s latest campaign, check out one of these media outlets.  Or, you can view the latest video clip promoting the nurse practitioner role here.


While most Americans have a pretty good grasp of the nurse practitioner role, I frequently encounter patients who are a bit confused about what I do.  I appreciate the AANP’s efforts to further educate patients about my role to fill in the gaps for those who haven’t been cared for by nurse practitioners in the past.  Most patients are amenable to seeing an NP rather than a physician and I encounter very little resistance to NP care in my practice.  With continued exposure and education more and more patients will become comfortable with nurse practitioner care.

What do you think about the AANP’s latest nurse practitioner awareness campaign?  Are your patients overall educated about the role nurse practitioners play in health care?

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