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Can You Afford to Start Your Own Practice?

Last year, we did a series on nurse practitioner entrepreneurs here on MidlevelU. These NP's insights into business ownership and the stories of how they started their own practices were very enlightening. In talking with NP entrepreneurs, one common thread wove through many of their stories. Finances. 

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3 Dermatology Certifications for Nurse Practitioners

NP degrees are awarded for broad specialties, but for nurse practitioners with focused interests, seeking specialty certification outside of academia can be a beneficial career move. This not only demonstrates a commitment to your specialty but also show patients and prospective employers that you have achieved a certain skill set or level of knowledge. Earlier, we looked at cardiology certifications for NPs. Today, we will tackle derm. 

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Tips That Will Make You a Rockstar at Clinic Time Management

Advice to avoid getting behind schedule

Getting behind schedule is a constant battle for many nurse practitioners. Patients arrive like clockwork for appointments, piling up in the lobby, as you struggle to get those currently in the exam room treated and out the door. Unexpected paperwork piles up. Answering patient calls eats up precious minutes. Your printer malfunctioning requires time to fix. 

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Job Search: Breaking Through at a Large Hospital System

Tips for Nurse Practitioners

I recently spoke with a friend who is a highly specialized nurse practitioner (electrophysiology). She has about ten years of experience and would be a great catch for any cardiology group. When she moved to a new city this past year, however, she encountered significant hurdles landing a job. The city where she lives is dominated by large hospitals and even though she applied for job postings online, she seemed to get nowhere in the bureaucratic hiring processes of these institutions. 

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How Likely are You to Pass the Emergency NP Certification Exam?

If you haven't heard, there's a (relatively) new specialty certification out there for nurse practitioners. Starting in 2017, the AANPCB began to offer a certification exam for emergency nurse practitioners. This exam is available to NPs who have either completed an emergency NP program at their university, or FNPs who have experience working in the emergency department. 

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Do Employers Look at Your GPA for a Nurse Practitioner Job?

If you're a nurse practitioner student this year, finals season is probably looming on the horizon. The pressure to study is mounting and anxiety-filled review sessions are imminent. But, will all the stress really matter once you've graduated and are looking for your first nurse practitioner job? How much do employers really care about your grades?

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How Do You Switch Specialties as a Nurse Practitioner?

If you are already a nurse practitioner, your education has prepared you for a general area of practice. If you attended an Acute Care NP Program, for example, you are qualified to work in the ICU, CCU, and a wealth of other specialty clinics and hospital settings. Or, perhaps as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner you are prepared to diagnose and treat kids. But, what if you want to switch it up mid-career?

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Is it Quality v. Quantity: What Should I Expect in a NP Contract?

By Jennifer Lankford, Labor and Employment Attorney

“Is it usual for my contract to be this short?”, “Are employment agreements normally this long?” I receive these types of questions often from nurse practitioners who are presented with an employment agreement. My answer, “It is the quality, not the quantity, of the agreement that matters.” Sometimes a short and sweet agreement is all that is needed. 

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5 Things You Need to Know about Your Bonus Structure

...Before You Sign an Employment Agreement 

The promise of a bonus can sound enticing if you're looking for a nurse practitioner job. But, before you sign an employment agreement lured by bonus potential or build a bonus into your budget, there are a few things to consider. Don't get caught at the end of the next quarter expecting a big payday only to receive your standard check.

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7 Strategies for Finding a Job After NP School Graduation

Finding your first job as a nurse practitioner can be downright stressful. Student loan payments loom, the cost of certification and licensure has recently surprised you and your type-A classmates seem to be obnoxiously close to landing positions for themselves. If you're anxious about your nurse practitioner job search, you're not alone. I've been there. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to land yourself a NP job that don't involve applying in the abyss of online job postings

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Should you pay off your student loans early?

Student loans are a great option for nurse practitioners who need assistance paying for their education. In some cases, it may be the only way to do so. Most have low-interest rates and affordable monthly payments spread out over a long period of time. There are also a plethora of options for making repayment more manageable. But even if the terms are easy to meet and the maturity date isn’t for another thirty years, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to pay them off as quickly as possible. By the same token, ensuring a quick payoff doesn’t mean you should sacrifice saving money each month either. So which is the priority, paying off your loans faster or building up your savings account?

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Can You Work as a NP Before Passing Your Certification Exam?

Once you've graduated from your nurse practitioner program, the wait to take your certification exam can present a significant delay for your job search. If you aren't yet certified, you can't start working, right? Fortunately, some states have recognized this inconvenient setback and provided new NP grads with a way to start their careers sooner. 

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