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Sure, You can get your continuing education credits free online.  But isn’t it much more fun to use the stipend provided by your employer to go somewhere fun?  Consider these companies for your future continuing medical education conferences.

1. Continuing Education, Inc

This company offers an impressive array of continuing education cruises for physicians and nurse practitioners.  Cruises are offered all over the world for a wide variety of medical specialties.  I have plans to attend one of Continuing Education, Inc’s cruises this Fall.  So far, the staff of this company have been very helpful in providing the information for and the booking of this conference.  I will keep you updated on my CE cruising experience!

2. Wilderness-Medicine.com

For the NP with an adventerous bent, Wilderness-Medicine.com offers active continuing education opportunities across the globe.  Adventures such as scuba diving in Fiji and climbing Machu Picchu in Peru are supplemented with educational courses like “Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injuries”.  The drawback?  These trips are pricey and I suspect most CE stipends will not come close to covering the cost.

3. MCE Conferences

MCE offers a variety of conferences mainly throughout the U.S and Caribbean.  At an average of 2-4 days long, these conferences are a practical length and price.  Educational courses are held in the morning so conference goers are free in the afternoon and evenings to enjoy their surroundings.  I have attended a conference offered through MCE and found it to be informative and well organized.  I did, however find the 8:00am conference start time difficult to keep in Las Vegas.

4. Medical Education Resources, Inc.

Similar to MCE, MER medical conferences are primarily offered in the U.S. and Caribbean.  Conference lectures are held during the morning hours.  MER’s offerings focus primarily on internal medicine and primary care and would be an excellent resource for FNP’s.

5. National Procedures Institute

If you are ready for some hard core education, this company is for you.  Offering courses on topics such as suturing, X-Ray interpretation and EKG interpretation, NPI courses are a great learning opportunity.  Courses are usually 1-2 days long, last all-day and take place in major cities across the U.S.  The focus of this company is definitely education rather than vacation, perfect for the NP who needs a refresher on a specific skill.

Have you attended any beneficial CME conferences?  If so, comment below!

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