Let the countdown to 2013 begin!  Everyone loves a good top 10 list so let’s bring in the New Year by looking back at 2012’s most popular posts starting with those written for prospective nurse practitioners and NP students. 

1. MidlevelU’s Top 5 Nurse Practitioner Programs

Looking for a nurse practitioner program?  This post gives my top 5 overall picks.

2. Top 5 Online Nurse Practitioner Programs 

Need a flexible nurse practitioner education option?  Or, is completing coursework at home rather than on campus simply more appealing?  Check out these 5 online nurse practitioner programs that are sure to give you a proper NP education.

3. Best Value Nurse Practitioner Programs

A NP education on a budget is understandably appealing to most students.  Where can you go to get your nurse practitioner degree for a good price while still receiving a quality education?  These 5 schools are great options. 

4. 3 Things You Need to Ask When Looking for a Nurse Practitioner Program

Unsure what qualities in a nurse practitioner program will make your NP educational experience a positive one?  Ask these three questions of admissions officers to help you decide which NP program is the best fit for your needs. 

5. Bridge Programs… What Are They?

If you want to become a nurse practitioner but are not already a nurse, a bridge or accelerated program might be the best option for completing your NP education.  

6. Nurse Practitioner Bridge Programs: Can You Really Enroll in a NP Program Without a RN Degree?

This post further explores the nontraditional route to becoming a nurse practitioner.  Should chose this route to the NP career, you could complete your degree in just over two years. 

7. 5 Tips on Making it Through Your Nurse Practitioner Program

Nurse practitioner programs are time consuming and challenging.  These 5 words of advice will help you survive your NP program while maintaining your sanity. 

8. How to Make the Most of Your Clinical Experience

Clinical hours are hands down the most important and valuable part of the nurse practitioner education.  How do you maximize learning and make the most of your clinical experience?  This post will show you how. 

9. Overwhelmed?  What to do When Your NP Program Becomes Too Much

In the midst of your nurse practitioner program there may be times when you feel overworked, stressed and overwhelmed.  Take a few steps back and reevaluate your expectations.  This post may help.

10. 3 Things Your NP Program Won’t Teach You

Unfortunately, your nurse practitioner education can’t possibly cover everything you need to know about the NP career.  Sometimes practical advice- like how to get a job- falls through the cracks.  This post will help you fill in your educational gaps. 

NP students, enjoy the remainder of your Winter break.  Best of luck with the beginning of your new semester in 2013- you are one step closer to graduation!

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