Resume Mistakes We're Surprised (Even Experienced) NPs Make

If there's one thing I do a lot of here at MidlevelU, its review resumes. Whether I'm providing guidance to a job-seeking nurse practitioner, to an NP applying to our programs, helping out an employer or as a favor to a colleague, over the past few years I've looked at hundreds of nurse practitioner resumes. There are certainly a number of accomplished, motivated NPs out there, but I'm consistently shocked at how poorly some showcase their education and experience. Come on all, you have a graduate degree, you should know how to use capital letters correctly, right?!

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Treating Pesky Triglycerides: A Lipid NP's Take

By Guest Contributor Justin Groce MSN,NP-C,CSCS

With cardiovascular disease being the main cause of mortality in the United States it’s no wonder that statins and other lipid-lowering agents have become the victim of both positive and negative attitudes.  Although low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) have become the forefront target of treatment in regards to lipids one must wonder why triglycerides (TGs) take the backseat.

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A Sneak Peek at My Productivity-Maximizing Calendar

I like to think I'm a pretty efficient person. If there's a hack out there to help get day-to-day jobs done more quickly, I'm on top of it. Now that I'm balancing MidlevelU, clinical practice and motherhood, I find that time is a major commodity. I've got to be hyper-vigilant about how I spend my time or else the day gets away from me and it's difficult to catch up. This newfound time crunch has promted me to fine-tune my productivity skills and schedule. I think I've come up with a pretty good system, so I though I'd share it with you because, well, nurse practitioners are busy people! 

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How to Become a Speaker at NP Conferences

One thing I really enjoy doing as part of my career is speaking. There's something exciting about getting to the place in your career where you're an expert and you get the opportunity to share your hard-earned knowledge with others. Not to mention, speaking at conferences adds some variety to the usual day-to-day of your clinical life. So, how do you get started with speaking gigs?

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Featured NP Residency Opportunity - New Mexico

Is this New Mexico adventure right for you?

Are you dreaming of working in a clinic that will assist you grow in to the autonomous NP you strive to be? Are you a recent grad thinking about participating in our Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) program? We have the place for you!

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6 Ways to Reenergize Your Nurse Practitioner Career

Do you feel like you’ve hit a career slump? The job description of working as a nurse practitioner in a patient facing roll can look pretty much the same week after week, year after year. So, at times, it is necessary to take intentional action to combat career boredom. If you’ve hit a nurse practitioner career slump, here are a few ways to reenergize your nurse practitioner practice. 

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How are Nurse Practitioner Certification Questions Made?

Certification is on the minds of soon to be nurse practitioner school grads. A spring graduation date means that now is the time to start studying for the dreaded boards. Piling additional certification study sessions on top of your already strapped schedule isn't ideal. But, putting time and effort into preparing for the nurse practitioner certification exam is essential to securing employment after you graduate. 

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Can You Afford to Become a Nurse Practitioner?

You're no longer a college student so you've become accustomed to eating steak for dinner rather than ramen and ordering cocktails at happy hour instead of sipping PBR. You might even have a mortgage, or a child's future educational expenses to plan for. As we go through life, our budgets become more complex, and often more stretched. This makes determining if you can afford to become a nurse practitioner a difficult calculation. 

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10 Things To Do If You Haven't Landed a NP Job by Graduation

Graduating from your nurse practitioner program seems like a light at the end of the tunnel. Until, that is, you realize you are unemployed and face a mountain of student loan debt. Your classmates all seem to be signing employment agreements before receiving a diploma, causing job search anxiety to mount. Where are you going wrong with your search? How might you become a stronger applicant for nurse practitioner jobs?

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Cannabis Considerations: Treating Patients Who Use Marijuana

I'm originally from the Washington State, one of our country's more progressive states when it comes to legalizing marijuana. When I visit home now, I see dispensaries scattered along the roadsides. With cannabis use now permissible in an increasing number of states and attention to the drug on the rise, nurse practitioners are more likely than ever to treat patients who are cannabis users. As with any substance, marijuana use brings up a number of clinical considerations. For example, does cannabis interact with prescription drugs?

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We're Hiring a Family Nurse Practitioner!

Do you know someone who might be a good fit for the job?

MidlevelU's education programs, ThriveAP and Midlevels for the Medically Underserved, are growing and were looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated Family Nurse Practitioner to join our team. If you or someone you know is an experienced FNP enthusiastic about helping new grads with the challenges they face after graduation, here's an overview of the open position. 

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Reentering the Nurse Practitioner Workforce in 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

I often talk to nurse practitioners who have taken a few years off from their NP careers. Most commonly, family priorities are the reason for the break from the workforce. Other times, a lengthy job search turned stagnant and led to a continuation of one's RN career. Whatever your reason for taking five from life as a nurse practitioner, it's not too late to reenter the NP workforce. Before you do so, careful planning is in order. These six steps should help. 

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