Nurse Practitioners and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act promises to insure 32 million more Americans.  Where will these individuals receive their medical care?  Julie Fairman, writing for the New England Journal of Medicine, believes that nurse practitioners are not only the solution to the shortage of primary care providers but that nurse practitioner's scope of practice must be expanded from it's current model.

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Nurse Practitioner Program Online or On Campus?

There are endless options for students seeking a nurse practitioner degree.  What are the benefits and drawbacks of online nurse practitioner programs?  Is an online or campus based nurse practitioner program the best option for you?

Benefits of Online Nurse Practitioner Programs:

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How Do I Choose My Nurse Practitioner Specialty?

Choosing your nurse practitioner program specialty is important as it will direct your career.  What do you choose?

If you are already working in nursing, think about your experience and what types of patients you like working with the most.  Do you like working with children, adults, elderly or a mix?  Do you enjoy being really good at one thing or do you like to see a wide variety of patients?  Would you rather work in a hospital or in a clinic setting?

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Action Plan- How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

So, you have decided you are interested in becoming a nurse practitioner.  What are the next steps you should take?

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Good News for Midlevel Providers

A 2011 CDC publication finds that the use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants is on the rise in outpatient medical clinics.  The percentage of outpatient medical visits that were handled by a nurse practitioner or physician alone rose from 10% in 2000-2001 to 15% in 2008-2009.  In general medicine clinics, 21% of patients were seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant alone.  

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Why the Term Mid-Level?

Academia takes offense to the term mid-level and surely some practicing nurse practitioners and physician assistants do as well.  But, let's be honest- it is what we are!

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