What About the DNP?

You have probably heard that the requirements for getting a nurse practitoiner degree are about to change.  The ANCC published a statement recommending that all nurse practitioners be doctorally prepared and that nurse practitioner programs require nurse practitioner students to graduate with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree rather than a Master's of Nursing degree.

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MidlevelU's Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month April 2012


April 2012 Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month: Mississippi University for Women

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Should Nurse Practitioners Practice Independently?


At MidlevelU, we say yes!  Watch this news clip that aired on Fox and Friends discussing the controversy.

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Shortage of Physicians, APN's, PA's Predicted for 2025


An article pulished in Medscape indicates that by 2025 there will be a 15-20% "shortfall in the advanced-clinician workforce".  

What does this mean for you as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant (or prospecitve nurse practitioner or physician assistant)?  More job opportunities!  As the population and number of individuals with access to healthcare increases, the demand for nurse practitioners and physician assistants will as well.  

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Must Have iPhone Apps For The Nurse Practitioner Student

When I was a nurse practitioner student we were all required to purchase a palm pilot (remember those?!) in order to have quick access to the prescription drug database epocrates.  The palm pilot was bulky, slow, difficult to use and mine was somehow always low on batteries.  Fortunately for nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students today there are an endless number of helpful apps you can download directly to your phone.  Which apps are the most helpful for nurse practitioners?  Here are our top picks (in no particular order).

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MidlevelU's Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month March 2012

MidlevelU's Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month March 2012: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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Things to Consider When Looking For a NP Program Part 2: Specialty

It can be difficult to know which nurse practitioner specialty you should choose, especially if you have limited nursing experience.  Your decision on a specialty will directly influence your choice in nurse practitioner schools as some schools offer a wide variety of nurse practitioner specialties while at others options are limited.  What specialty should you choose as a nurse practitioner student and how?  

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5 Tips on Making it Through Your Nurse Practitioner Program


Nurse Practitoner Programs are tough.  They are demanding of your mental and physical energy and most of all your time.  How do you make it through?

1. Make friends.  Having a few good friends in your nurse practitioner program will make a huge difference in your next few years.  You can help each other with homework, give advice about clinical sites and have someone to meet for happy hour after class!

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Things to Consider When Looking for a NP Program, Part 1: Preceptorships

Your clinical expereince and clinical preceptor can be one of the most important parts of your nurse practitioner program.  You will learn more during your hands on clinical experience than you will in the classroom.  Preceptorships are, however often a great source of frustration among students and must be considered even during the process of searching for a nurse practitioner program and applying to NP schools.

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Pay Growing Faster for Nurse Practitioners Than Physicians

Medscape published an article in 2010 comparing salaries for nurse practitioners and physicians. In short:

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Nurse Practitioners and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act promises to insure 32 million more Americans.  Where will these individuals receive their medical care?  Julie Fairman, writing for the New England Journal of Medicine, believes that nurse practitioners are not only the solution to the shortage of primary care providers but that nurse practitioner's scope of practice must be expanded from it's current model.

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Nurse Practitioner Program Online or On Campus?

There are endless options for students seeking a nurse practitioner degree.  What are the benefits and drawbacks of online nurse practitioner programs?  Is an online or campus based nurse practitioner program the best option for you?

Benefits of Online Nurse Practitioner Programs:

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