Back to School! 5 Tips for an Enjoyable Nurse Practitioner Program Experience


School supplies have begun to line the isles of the Target and Wal-Mart stores near you.  The malls are frantically marking down swimsuits and shorts to make room for Fall boots and jeans.  It is time to start thinking about Back to School.  Are you ready?

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Choose Wisely: Do You Really Need to Order That Test? Part 1

After the New York Times published an article calling into question the necessity of the annual physical, it seems publicity surrounding routine medical testing has flourished.  Individuals and healthcare providers are calling into question the need for routine EKG's, pap smears and colonoscopies.  Most have mixed feelings about this issue.

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Health Insurance Advice For Patients: Where Do You Go?

Do your patients ever ask you for advice on health insurance?  As a nurse practitioner I should know something about health insurance, but to be honest I really don't.  There are so many different insurance companies, plans and networks who has time to become an expert in both medicine and health insurance?  But, for patients, this is an important issue and dictates their ability to pay for their medical care and prescriptions.

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MidlevelU's Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month July 2012

Located in Columbus, Ohio, The Ohio State University boasts an excellent nurse practitioner education.  100% of nurse practitioner graduates from Ohio State University pass the national certification exam.  

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How Will Healthcare Reform Affect Nurse Practitioners?

The news is out- Healthcare Reform has passed.  Whether or not you support Obama's Affordable Care Act, if you work in healthcare, this decision will affect you. 

What Does the Affordable Care Act Promise Nurse Practitioners?

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The DNP Transition

How did the recent push toward requiring the DNP rather than the MSN degree for nurse practitioners occur?  Who is in charge?  For those of us not in academia (and maybe some who are), this is a confusing topic as it seems there is not yet a cohesive plan for implementing the DNP requirement.

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2012 Mid-level Job Outlook: Lookin' Good!

What does the 2012 job market look like for physician assistants and nurse practitioners?  According to Jennifer Ford's article in Advance for NP's and PA's, it is a good time to be a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

The Word is Out About Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

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Nurse Practitioner Resources: Poison Control Center

Have you ever called the poison control center?  They are fabulous.  Have a patient who missed their morning medications and took their evening and morning medications at the same time?  Did your patient accidentally or intentionally overdose on a certain medication?  Has a child ingested a medication meant for an adult?

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Is Working in Retail Health the Right Choice For You?

There are over 1,200 retail health clinics operating in 32 states according to the Convenient Care Association.  With the large number of such clinics, as a nurse practitioner it is likely you will encounter these employers in your job search.  But is retail medicine the right choice for you?

I have worked in two different retail health clinics, one in a grocery store and one in a drug store, in a PRN capacity.  This experience has given me insight into the retail health industry as well as the pros and cons of retail health employment.

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5 Steps to Nurse Practitioner Certification


Towards the end of my family nurse practitioner eduction, my professors began to discuss the process of nurse practitioner licensing and certification.  The process was never clearly laid out by my nurse practitioner program and I found myself confused by the process.  So, here are the steps to obtaining the credentials you need to practice as a nurse practitioner.

1. Check Your RN License

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What's A Day in the Life of A Nurse Practitioner Really Like?

Check out my guest blog entry on the HEALTHeCAREERS helps nurse practitioners among other healthcare professionals find jobs.  I would highly recommend looking at their website the next time you are seeking employment.

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Physicians Shifting Procedural Work to Midlevel Providers

Janice Boughton, MD, author of the blog Why is Americn Healthcare So Expensive, suggests physicians should consider shifting procedurals work to nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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