How Much Does It Cost to Become a Nurse Practitioner?


A major factor in your nurse practitioner program decision should be cost.  Will a career change make sense financially?  Which schools offer a quality education for a reasonable tuition?  Using data collected from 200 nurse practitioner programs, I will outline about how much it will cost you to get a nurse practitioner degree (assuming you are pursuing an MSN degree, not a DNP).

Nurse Practitioner Program Costs

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How I Decided to Become A Nurse Practitioner

Check out my guest blog post for HEALTHeCAREERS where I discuss How I Decided to Become A Nurse Practitioner.  HEALTHeCAREERS assists nurse practitioners and other health professionals in career placement. 

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Case Study: Bordatella Pertussis

Case Summary A 6 week old male infant presents to the pediatrician with a 10 day history of coughing, turning red, choking spells and gasping for breath.  He has had vomiting associated with these choking spells for the past two days.  The infant's mother reports it feels like he has a fever but she has not checked his temperature.  

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Why I Care About Health Policy

Until recently, I did not care about legal issues surrounding healthcare in the United States.  I have no desire to become involved in politics and do not even want to hold office in a nursing organization.  So how did I become interested in health policy?

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New Weight Loss Medications, Will You Prescribe Them?

The FDA has approved two new weight loss medications, Belviq and Qsymia.  According to studies, these drugs may help patients lose five to ten percent of their body weight.  Investors estimate these drugs could be worth more than 60 billion dollars.  But only if you prescribe them.

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Should You Go To Work Sick?


I work when I am sick.  I have never missed a scheduled work day.  I have worked with a stomach virus... see a patient, go to the bathroom and puke...finish a chart...more puking.  Most commonly I work through coughs, colds and congestion.  My parents instilled in me a good work ethic and so I go to work sick.  People who don't annoy me.  

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What Steps Do You Take If You Have a Needlestick Injury?

As I discussed in my blog post a few days ago, needlestick injuries are a reality in the workplace.  Over 1,000 occur each day in hospitals across the United States.  What do you do if a needlestick injury happens to you?

1. Immediately wash the affected area with soap and water

2. Report the incident to your supervisor.  Make sure the details of the incident are well documented. 

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Take the Needlestick Safety Pledge!

This week at MidlevelU, we are supporting the needlestick saftely movement.  Join thousands of other nurses in signing the Needlestick Safety Pledge.

You will also be entered to win a free iPad!

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The Needlestick Safety Movement

I did not pay close attention to warnings about the possibility of needlestick injuries while I was in my nursing program.  I did not think a needlestick would ever happen to me.  And, well, it hasn't...yet.  As I progress in my nurse practitioner career I witness more and more needlestick injuries among my coworkers and have also had close calls myself. 

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New Feature! Case Study of the Week


We are happy to announce we will now be presenting a unique case study each week for your review.  We will try to integrate case studies with current health issues and epidemics that you may encounter in your own practice as a nurse practitioner... and we may just include some really weird medical conditions.  Check out this week's case study discussing the current bordatella pertussis epidemic- you may be seeing it in your practice soon.

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Sleep: How it Affects Your Job Performance

Working in the ER, I am forced into an odd sleep schedule.  This past year, I have been working a lot of 6pm to 2am shifts.  I find that the benefit of the 6pm-2am rather than the traditional 12 hour overnight shift is that I can easily work until 2am without having to waste my afternoon napping.  Unfortunately, I am also not very good at sleeping in resulting in a lot of 5 hour nights of sleep.  Is this lack of sleep affecting my job performance?

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