New MidlevelU Feature! Meet the 'Ask Erin' Column

It's been awhile since we added a new feature to the blog (OK, like 6 weeks). So, today's the day. I receive many reader questions about the nurse practitioner education and career in my inbox. Rarely, these inquiries apply only to the individual on the sending end of the email. The MidlevelU message board facilitates responding to many reader questions (create an account and check it out if you haven't already!). But, other questions are widely applicable, especially interesting, or otherwise deserving of a more formal blog post response. Enter the 'Ask Erin' column. 

In this section of the blog I will respond to a reader question or two every so often to keep you all up to speed when it comes to common questions and concerns I receive regarding the nurse practitioner education and career. Here are the types of subject matter I plan to cover in the 'Ask Erin' column:

  • Questions about applying to NP programs
  • Advice regarding clinical placements
  • Frustrations or experiences with nurse practitioner programs
  • #NewGradNPStruggles
  • Job search related inquiries
  • The highs and lows of working as a nurse practitioner
  • 'Real' life meets your professional life

Questions on the following topics are encouraged for my personal inbox entertainment but will not be answered in the new 'Ask Erin' column. Unless they pertain more or less directly to life as a healthcare professional, of course:

  • Tips for finding quality dates on Tinder
  • #MotherInLawProblems
  • Over-shares about personal health struggles
  • Pet training tips (I am poorly, poorly qualified in this arena. A fortunate fact for my dogs who are currently napping in my bed. On clean sheets.)
  • Inquiries related to potty training your 2-year-old
  • Responses to questions you can find the answer to in 10 seconds or less with a Google search

So, ask away, dear readers! I love hearing from you and look forward to sharing in the trials and triumphs of your education and career paths. Drop me a line at 


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Please send me the same information on BVI and USVI thanks

James Bell

Hi Lori,

Let me see what information I can find about practicing in the BVI!

Erin Tolbert

Dear Erin,
I love your website and read almost all of your posts, as they contain a wide variety of very helpful, interesting, and humorous information! Perhaps you can help me with a little quest I am on.
I would like to have the opportunity to live and practice in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). It has been difficult to find information regarding exactly how to go about accomplishing this goal (dream).
Ultimately, I would like to practice independently, but am not opposed to working under the supervision of a physician. I have printed an application for US Virgin Islands (USVI) APRN endorsement which asks for a collaborative agreement for employment with a physician. Prescriptive privileges are granted if you already have it. This is USVI and my goal is BVI. I have heard the same collaborative agreement is required for BVI, but haven't found official documentation on the licensing process.
Hope you can help!

Lori Ann Sotero...