Dare to Dream: Continuing Medical Education Conferences for Summer

This year is going by way too quickly.  The other day my husband reminded me we aren't even a quarter of the way through 2014, but so far the whole thing is a blur...an exciting one, but a blur.  I am trying to slow down a bit an enjoy the ride but between working in the ER and keeping on top of new projects for the blog (video conference coming soon!) things have been a bit hectic.  As I was going through my benefits package for work the other day, I realized I need to get a continuing medical education conference on the books for later this year, too.  

Summer is the perfect time to spend your CME allowance by attending a conference.  There's no better time for sunshine and a few lazy days at the beach sipping a fruity cocktail than the summer months.  Yes, if you attend an educational conference you will have to go to a few classes, but most continuing education conferences allow plenty of time for relaxation.  Here are a few promising picks to consider for your next educational experience.

Updates in Women's Health, Nashville, Tennessee, May 23-25

Sorry y'all.  I just had to fit my hometown in here.  But, I do think the recommendation is completely deserved.  This conference located at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and hosted by Medical Education Resources, Inc. will not disappoint.  A thriving resort with pools galore, the hotel is a tourist attraction in itself.  After attending courses like 'Breast Cancer Screening' and 'Thyroid Disorders in Women', spend the evening honky-tonkin' downtown.  Bring a little extra cash for this venture- you may not be able to resist purchasing some new kicks at the buy two get one free boot shop (yes, you do need three pairs of cowboy boots).


Emergency Medicine for the Primary Care Provider Mediterranean Cruise, June 9-12

Meet up with this cruise hosted by Continuing Education, Inc. in fabulous Venice, Italy.  While I haven't been to Venice myself, I have attended one of Continuing Education Inc.'s CME experiences in the past.  I have to say, it was the perfect vacation.  Mornings were spent learning from top physicians while afternoons consisted of tromping around Europe gorging myself on Spanish cuisine.  Evenings on the ship were packed with fun activities and, most importantly, more good eats.  It doesn't get any better than spending a week in Greece and Italy catering to both your professional life and passion for travel.


Wilderness and Travel Medicine Mt. Shasta, California, June 7-13

This pick is right up my alley.  Mt. Shasta located in Northern California is absolutely beautiful.  I can think of no better way to spend a summer vacation than feeling the mountain sun on my back and the white water spray on my face.  Not to mention, the conference topics are quite interesting.  From courses like 'Hypothermia, frostbite and other cold injuries' to 'High altitude illness' you are sure to leave this CME experience hosted by Wilderness Medicine, the next Survivorman (or woman).


Cardiology Review for Primary Care Medicine, Paradise Island, Bahamas, July 3-5

Surf's up!  If you are in the mood for seafood, sand and sun, this one's for you.  And, who couldn't use a brush up when it comes to cardiology skills.  This CME opportunity, hosted by MCE Conferences, offers courses like 'Women and heart disease- Venus, Mars or all on the same Earth?' and 'Bradyarrhythmias: How slow is too ssssslow?'.  Conference attendees are sure to come away not only with a tan, but also better prepared for patient care when it comes to heart related conditions. 


NPACE, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, June 23-27

Looking for a conference created just for nurse practitioners?  NPACE is the place for you.  Featuring topics in primary care and pharmacology, attendees refresh their knowledge on subjects from asthma to emerging infectious diseases.  When you aren't in class, take a stroll on the beach checking out Cape Cod's tourist attractions.

Also, don't miss out on the American Association of Nurse Practitioners conference in, ah hem, Nashville, June 17-22.  Trust me, after you hit Broadway street once, you won't want to leave.


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