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Do You Believe Your Nurse Practitioner Bonus Will Be Paid?

One perk employers may offer to nurse practitioners is a bonus in addition to a base salary. For some NPs a bonus is an extra but not a substantial part of the compensation package. For other nurse practitioners, bonuses can potentially amount to tens of thousands of dollars each year in addition to a base salary. Despite the potential for extra cash, many nurse practitioners are skeptical of such compensation structures. Do you believe your bonus will be paid?

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Can NPs Apply for NHSC Loan Repayment Before Graduation?

The NHSC has strict criteria that nurse practitioners must meet in order to be eligible to submit an application for the Loan Repayment Program. Specifically, applicants who have not graduated their accredited program, passed the certification exam, or do not hold a current and unrestricted license to practice as a NP are not eligible to apply during the open application cycle; which means that unfortunately, nurse practitioner students are ineligible from applying to the program until they’ve graduated. Fortunately, there is hope! If you’re an NP student with at least one year of schooling left, don’t throw your hands up in frustration just yet… the NHSC Scholarship Program may be worth your consideration.

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5 Questions You Need to Ask in a Nurse Practitioner Program Interview

If you are in the process of applying to nurse practitioner programs, you're being asked a lot of questions. "Tell me about yourself...", "Talk about a time when you overcame a challenge..." and "What kind of nursing experience do you have?" are the types of responses you are thinking through. From filling out your address to drafting a perfectly crafted personal statement, the application process is all about sharing yourself with nurse practitioner program admissions staff. But, there is a time in the admissions process to turn the tables. 

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Can Nurse Practitioners Administer Botox?

An increasing number of medical practices are adding cosmetic procedures to their menu of services. These procedures, such as administering Botox and dermal fillers, can significantly boost revenue and are relatively simple to perform. Patients pay for them in cash eliminating the paperwork and headache that comes with billing insurance companies. Can nurse practitioners get in on this practice opportunity?

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Ask for These Perks if Your Boss Won't Give You a Raise

Working up the nerve to ask for a raiseas a nurse practitioner takes a lot of guts. When you finally do pitch your case to your boss, it can be quite frustrating when the answer is "no". Whatever the reasoning may be, if you have done your research and presented a solid pitch with indisputable facts that show that your compensation is not up to par, it can be tempting to look for employment elsewhere; but don’t plan your exit strategy just yet. 

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3 Mistakes You’re Probably Making After Your NP Job Interview

I’ve talked with a number of nurse practitioners looking for jobs. Whether new grads fresh out of school, or NPs with several years of experience, it seems there are a few common themes that emerge in the job acquisition process for nurse practitioners across the board. Surprisingly, many of the mistakes NPs make during this process occur not during an interview, but after. 

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How Much Continuing Education Allowance Should NPs Expect?

A continuing education allowance shouldn't make or break the deal when it comes to your employment contract, but it can certainly be a nice perk. Employers vary when it comes to the amount they set aside for nurse practitioners and continuing education expenses. As an NP, what should you expect?

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Do Nurse Practitioners Really Need a DEA Number?

If you’re a new grad nurse practitioner, you’re probably pretty tired of the paperwork that follows graduation. Not only have you studied for, taken and passed your certification exam, you’ve applied for your sate license to practice and may be going through the credentialing process for a new employer which means, yes, more paperwork. Not to mention, applying for a state license and waiting for your new job to start can be costly. Fed up with the licensing process and short on cash, nurse practitioners often ask me if they really need to apply for a DEA number. 

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10 Highest Paying Cities for CRNAs

We've covered the top paying cities for physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Now it's time to put CRNAs in the mix. Location plays a major role in how much you're paid as a CRNA. Scope of practice laws, the job market, negotiated rates with insurance companies and a number of other factors figure in to the salary equation. We've previously compared state-by-state data for CRNA salaries but today, let's take it one step further by looking at the highest paying cities for nurse anesthetists. 

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Happy Veteran's Day! NPs Give Back to Those Who Serve

Happy Veteran's Day!  Let's take a moment today to remember those who have served our country, to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and to thank the families of members of our military who give up so much allowing their loved ones to deploy.  As nurse practitioners, we have a unique opportunity to serve current and former members of our military.  How can we honor veterans through our practice?

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Happy NP Week 2018 + Giveaway!

By Our Friends at Medelita

Each year we look forward to Nurse Practitioner Week as a time to celebrate the amazing work of NPs across the country, and to raise awareness for the critical role NPs play in our healthcare system. As our healthcare system gets more and more convoluted, patients can count on these highly skilled, advanced practice nurses to provide compassionate care and patient education to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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What Will You Learn in Our NP Residency?

Check out a sample curriculum 

Are you thinking about asking your employer to enroll you in ThriveAP, our curriculum to help support new grad nurse practitioners and physician assistants? Or, are you considering Midlevels for the Medically Underserved, our residency-like program for new grad NPs and PAs? Whatever education track seems like the best fit for you, our curriculum is designed to help family and adult NPs overcome the challenges they often face in those initial months and years of practice because, well, we've been there. 

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