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Now, What Meds Are You Taking Again? Pill Identification Apps

By MidlevelU Intern and BSN in Progress Olivia DeFilippo

Countless times I have peered into my medicine cabinet in search of my allergy medication finding pills that have fallen out of the packaging. "I think that tablet looks like my allergy medicine" I say to myself..."But should I risk it?".

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These 10 Posts Will Energize Your Nurse Practitioner Career

How are you settling in to 2018? If your New Year's resolutions have already lost momentum and you've already strayed from accomplishing the goals you've set, don't lose heart. Change takes time and accomplishment is always preceded by hard work. To help maintain motivation in your nurse practitioner career as we kick off 2018, check out these top reads. 

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7 Ways to Class Up Your Nurse Practitioner Resume

A resume is simply a summary of your education and employment experience, so it should be pretty easy to pull together, right? While it seems simple, I've seen a lot of unfortunate looking nurse practitioner resumes out there. Studies show that prospective employers spend just seconds scanning a resume before making a decision to move to the next step in the employment process. So, attention to detail is a must when you're applying for nurse practitioner jobs. One small resume misstep could cost you a job interview. 

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7 Reputation-Defying Reasons for Hiring Millenial NPs

Millennials tend to be scrutinized pretty harshly by the older generations, often being labeled as lazy and entitled among other criticisms. Unfortunately such stereotypes have created a misplaced fear for employers who worry that hiring a millennial nurse practitioner will negatively affect the company’s culture. While the generation’s style of working is certainly different than that of baby boomers, millennial NPs do bring a unique set of qualities that not only make them a valuable asset to the team but essential to the future of healthcare.

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