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Essential NP Residency Info: Live MMU Q&A

Are you nervous about your first job after NP school? If you find yourself with a little anxiety about your upcoming nurse practitioner graduation, you're not alone. New NPs face a lot of challenges. Where will you find a job? Or, will you be able to find a job? Once you do land employment, will you have the support you need in your first position? There's a lot of learning to do as a new nurse practitioner and finding a position that's supportive of you in your inexperience is essential.

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What's the Primary Care NP's Role in Managing CKD Patients?

Some of the nurse practitioners participating in Midlevels for the Medically Underserved recently let me know that they see a lot of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Whether these patients are presenting for management of CKD itself or another issue, management and treatment of patients with such chronic comorbidities can be complex. Prescribing, for example, reaches a new level of complexity as the NP must decide which medications and at what doses and intervals are appropriate for the CKD patient. 

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The Myth of Health Coaching in Primary Care

I recently talked with a new grad nurse practitioner who shared some frustrations with me about her first NP job. As a family nurse practitioner, she envisioned herself talking with patients about their health status, counseling them about diet and exercise, and ultimately making an impact on her patient's overall health. Instead, she finds herself crunched for time, managing long medication lists, and ordering an endless string of labs. 

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