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Are Your Nurse Practitioner Salary Expectations Reasonable?

Compensation may not be the most important thing to you in your job search but it certainly enters the equation. You’re likely approaching your career transition with a salary expectation in mind. What’s your number?

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The Nurse Practitioner Licensing Process in a Nutshell

I vividly recall sitting in a lecture hall in my nurse practitioner program in a plastic, too-small seat sandwiched between two classmates when I first heard of the NP licensing process. Suddenly, my personal space wasn't the only thing feeling cramped. The ins and outs of certification, applying for a license and a DEA number all in a specific order while simultaneously conducting a job search seemed overwhelming. 

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The Monthly Cost of Your Nurse Practitioner Student Loans

How much do you need to budget for loan repayment? 

If you're thinking through the logistics of furthering your nursing education, cost is, of course, a significant consideration. Can you afford to become a nurse practitioner? What will your lifestyle look like if you need to take out a substantial amount in student loans? Yesterday I looked at the actual cost of the NP education taking student loan interest into account. Today, let's look at this number in a manner more conducive to financial planning, your anticipated monthly student loan payment. 

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5 Issues to Consider When Starting Your Own Nurse Practitioner Practice

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Krouse

Nurse practitioner run practices are increasing in number throughout the country. From house call businesses to family practices, nurse practitioners are establishing themselves as business owners in the healthcare industry. Working with nurse practitioners to form their own practices is an exciting experience, but also one that many nurse practitioners find intimidating. 

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The 6 Step Plan to Nurse Practitioner Certification Success

I love creating to-do lists, schedules, and filling in calendars. Having a written plan is grounding, giving my day, week, month, or year, direction. The task is particularly enjoyable when it relates to a new beginning, drafted on a blank sheet of paper and color coded with a brand new pen. Then, the hard work begins...

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Spotted: Athleisure + Scrubs

Those who know me personally understand my preference for leisure wear. Forget business casual, I prefer a professional setting where yoga pants are allowed. Frankly, the ability to wear scrubs working as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department is a major contributor to my job satisfaction. Scrubs are comfy, don't require dry cleaning, inexpensive, and have an expandable waistband. What more could one ask for?

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How to Answer Any NP or PA Job Interview Question

Job interviews can be quite stressful. While you are excited to land a new position, the process of acquiring one seems painful and nerve wracking. What will your interviewer ask? If you are a new nurse practitioner or physician assistant graduate, what will you say when grillred about your prior experience? Fortunately, there's a way you can prepare ahead of time to help you answer any and every nurse practitioner job interview question. 

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An Inside Look at Nurse Practitioner Residency Life

Our first Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) class is well underway. If you haven't yet heard of MMU, you can think about the program similar to a residency for nurse practitioners. MMU matches less experienced NPs with facilities capable of supporting new grads in medically underserved areas across the country. As a group, MMU participants support each other throughout the ups and downs of new grad life, and join in opportunities to further clinical learning along the way. 

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Clinical Hack: Kissing Trick for Nasal Foreign Body Removal

Whenever I notice a toddler has checked into the emergency department waiting room for some sort of foreign body situation, a feeling of dread sends shivers throughout my body. Attempting to remove french fries from the noses of wiggling kids and beads from the ears of screaming infants has never been my forte. Performing procedures on children, especially those involving foreign body removal, just isn't part of my job that I enjoy. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that make removing foreign bodies a bit easier.

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How to Ask for a Raise as a Nurse Practitioner

Talking about money is awkward. Especially when your boss is on the other end of the conversation. As a nurse practitioner, you may feel that your salary is not longer competitive in the job market, or, that your skill set has increased making you a more profitable asset to your practice. Regardless of the reason you believe you’re due a salary increase, thinking through how you will approach the ask is essential to your success. The following pointers will help you navigate the process of asking for a raise in your nurse practitioner job. 

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4 Tax Writeoffs for Physician Assistants

Ugh, I am still procrastinating from filing my taxes this year. The worst part about my lack of initiative when it comes to the task is that I have a CPA. So, filing taxes really only means gathering several documents that have been accumulating dust in my desk over the past 12 months and making a handful of calculations. Yet, somehow the job still seems insurmountable. There is a silver lining, however when it comes to filing taxes as a healthcare provider. Physician assistants, for example may be able to write off several career related expenses reducing overall tax liability. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 3.17.17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! How was your week? After a whirlwind of work over the past five days, I am certainly ready for a break. This weekend, I plan to take it easy and get plenty of sleep in preparation for working next week's 4 in-a-row twelve hour shifts in the emergency department. What are you up to? If you've got some downtime before celebrating this lucky holiday, wrap up your work week with these interesting medical news stories. 

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