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Tips for Applying and Interviewing with a Large Health System

Applying and interviewing for jobs as a nurse practitioner can be a frustrating task, particularly if seeking employment with a large healthcare system. Landing a job with a major hospital system or large company includes a series of added steps compared with the process at a small clinic. Standing out in the application process among hundreds of other applicants can be difficult. Making it through the initial phone interview process is a challenge. How can you improve your chances of application success?

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East Coast PA Programs Without a Direct Patient Care Requirement

If you don't have a significant background in healthcare and want to become a physician assistant, getting your career off the ground can be frustrating. Most physician assistant schools require that students have experience in a setting providing direct patient care. Often, this requirement is hundreds, or even thousands, of hours. Fortunately for prospective students without such experience, there are a few schools that don't require direct patient care hours for admission. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 10.2.16

Happy Weekend! What are you up to? This weekend has been pretty standard, balancing chores, relaxing, and a few social activities. All in all, I can't complain about how the last few days have gone. Although I do have to say, I'm not quite ready for Monday to arrive. If you could use some reading material to entertain you in this weekend's remaining hours, check out the following health news stories. 

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