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10 Tips for Surviving a String of Night Shifts

I'm fortunate that, as a nurse practitioner, my employer allows me to split night, evening, and day shifts. Switching sleep schedules isn't easy, but it's better than constant sleep deprivation. My friends always tell me that having a baby will be easy for me as I am "used to not sleeping". I sometimes think I would crush Navy Seal training, as I am accustomed to overnight physical activity, getting a few hours of sleep, and repeating several days in a row. While neither is probably the case, working the night shift is not for the whiners. 

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Bling Out Your Boo Boos with these Novelty Bandages

Wearing a band aid is pretty much a major drag. The adhesive attracts ick around the edges, not to mention the bandage is usually hiding a pretty nasty scratch or scrape for which you have received much too little sympathy. Attempts to match various skin tones have helped the problem of unsightly bandages, but they still leave much to be desired. So, why not take full advantage of your next injury and have a little fun?

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The 411 on Nurse Practitioner Prescribing

Prescribing is a core component of life as a nurse practitioner. While we advocate for lifestyle change and encourage alternate therapies, sometimes medication is the answer for our patients. Prescribing as a nurse practitioner can be a complex matter. Laws related to NPs and prescribing vary state to state. Some require a collaborative agreement with a physician, while others allow for independence. Even in states where nurse practitioners enjoy a greater scope of practice, state and federal guidelines still apply. What do nurse practitioners need to know when it comes to prescribing?

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