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4 ‘Extras’ Paying More For Your NP Education Gets You

Is the high tuition price tag of some nurse practitioner programs worth facing steep student loan payments? How does the level of education at pricier universities compare to their less expensive counterparts? Ponying up a significant amount of cash can have added benefits when it comes to your nurse practitioner education. Here’s how. 

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Comparing Emergency Nurse Practitioner Programs

With the recent creation of a new emergency nurse practitioner certification, emergency NP programs are receiving renewed attention. In the past, students looking to enter emergency medicine as nurse practitioners faced uncertainty. Would a family nurse practitioner or acute care nurse practitioner degree serve an aspiring emergency NP better? The fog is lifting when it comes to the ENP confusion. Currently, eight universities offer emergency NP specific curriculum. More are sure to follow. 

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What is a Collaborative Practice Agreement?

As with most healthcare professions, there is a lot of paperwork that goes along with practicing as a nurse practitioner. NPs must obtain a national certification as well as a state license to practice. In addition, an NPI number, and credentialing paperwork is necessary for nurse practitioners to bill insurers. In some locations, NPs have even more to coordinate as state scope of practice laws require additional documentation to meet practice requirements. One such document is a collaborative practice agreement. 

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Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Assistant Salaries by State

As you weigh the physician assistant vs .nurse practitioner career decision (or, if you're just plain curious like me...), a quick salary comparison in the state where you plan to practice can help nail down your profession pick. Some states are more NP friendly while others traditionally favor physician assistants. In most locations, the decision to become either an NP or PA won't make a significant difference when it comes to your wallet. But, in a few it may mean a more than $10K salary difference, on average, each year. Check out this state-by-state comparison of nurse practitioner and physician assistant salaries.

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