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Here's How to Sell Back Your NP Program Textbooks Online

I'm probably aging myself here, but when I was in my nurse practitioner program I sold my textbooks at the end of each semester in-person. Large moving vans pulled up to the edges of campus, staffers in each promising to offer better buyback deals than those hawking the other side of the school. 

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6 Simple Ways to Make Your NP Job Easier

There are times in my job as a nurse practitioner I find myself thinking ‘ugh, not again!’. I may have answered the same question from patient for the fifth time in a row, explained a concept over and over again, or encountered a misunderstanding multiple times in a single shift. While many people think working in the emergency department must be erratic, I identify patterns in my work as an NP. In fact, most of my job is somewhat routine. 

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Nurse Practitioners + Delegating: What's Your Liability Risk?

The medical assistants in the emergency department where I work are incredibly helpful. They check vital signs, perform ECGs, and most importantly in my book, splint fractures. Splinting can be time intensive and isn't always easy. With backgrounds as EMTs, paramedics, and first responders, medical assistants in the ER have experience with splinting and are admittedly more adept than myself at the task. 

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5 ‘Extras’ that Make a Standout Nurse Practitioner Program

If you are thinking about going back to school to become a nurse practitioner, selecting a NP program is a big part of your decision. Cost, specialty, location, and schedule are the most important factors aspiring nurse practitioners consider in their education decision. If you still find yourself stuck after taking these deal-breakers into account, identify additional qualities that make NP programs stand out to differentiate between your options. 

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6 Ways to Reenergize Your Nurse Practitioner Career

Do you feel like you’ve hit a career slump? The job description of working as a nurse practitioner in a patient facing roll can look pretty much the same week after week, year after year. So, at times, it is necessary to take intentional action to combat career boredom. If you’ve hit a nurse practitioner career slump, here are a few ways to reenergize your nurse practitioner practice. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 4.1.16

Happy Friday! I'm headed out west this weekend to enjoy a few days of spring skiing in Colorado before the powder turns completely to slush. I'm most excited about internet-free, no cell service evenings spent reading a book by the fire...or sleeping. What's on your agenda? To kick off the weekend, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

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