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My Day Job Shadowing a Physician Assistant

By Meghan Kayan , MidlevelU Contributor and Future Physician Assistant

There are a vast amount of professions you can go into when entering the medical world. For those who don’t already have their foot in the door towards a medical career, deciding which specific career is a match for you can be a hard choice. Knowing the difference between the responsibilities of a nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or any other healthcare professional may become confusing. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 4.15.16

Greetings from Napa! This weekend, I'm headed to San Francisco for a long weekend getaway in wine country. The forecast is lookin' fine, so I'm anticipating mornings sunning by the pool, afternoons sampling Napa's finest vino, and topping off the day with dining al fresco. Ahh, yes, spring is here! Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope work will be far from your mind. If you could use a little (almost) weekend entertainment, check out this week's medical news link pack. 

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How Likely are You to Pass the NP Certification Exam?

I vividly recall sitting in the back of a lecture hall one day as I neared graduation from my nurse practitioner program. Distracted from the presentation at hand, I found myself looking up passing rates for the national nurse practitioner certification exam. Anxiety over the upcoming test was constantly on my mind, and study sessions took up most of my free time. 

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Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Salaries: State Breakdown

Occasionally, patients or acquaintances ask me why I did not become a doctor. I can always tell salary is on their mind. "Why would she choose to work a similar job for less?", they wonder. Admittedly, compensation was a significant part of my own decision making process as I selected my career path. I became an NP knowing full well that my salary would be significantly lower than that of a physician. Just how much lower are nurse practitioner salaries compared to those of physicians?

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Nurse Practitioner Job Blast: Spring Fever

It's finally starting to feel like spring outside. The lone tulip plant in my garden that survived the winter has bloomed (apparently the rest of the row wasn't feeling so hearty), late sun sets lend themselves to evening outdoor activities, and temperatures outdoors are refreshing. Spring is about new beginnings, so if you're in the market for a new nurse practitioner job, now is a good time to think about making the transition. To get started, check out these opportunities. 

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Nurse Practitioner Non-Competes: Are They Enforceable?

By Jennifer Lankford, Labor and Employment Attorney

As I discussed in a previous blog post, Employment Contract Negotiation for Nurse Practitioners, the process of negotiating an employment contract can be extremely complicated for a nurse practitioner. Not only are you concerned with outlining the scope of your practice, including the duties and expectations of your employment, but you are also negotiating for salary and benefits, like bonuses and vacation days. 

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How Do You Become a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner?

During some downtime at work this afternoon, several nurses and I were discussing our need for some Botox...STAT.  Our love of sunshine seems to be catching up with us resulting in unsightly, premature forehead wrinkles.  Ultimately, we decided the solution to our problem was for these nurses to go back to school and become dermatology nurse practitioners.  But how?

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How Should Nurse Practitioners Apologize for a Medical Error?

Making mistakes is part of being human. None of us are perform perfectly at all times. Unfortunately, a career as a nurse practitioner doesn't lend itself to the errant tendency of human nature. In caring for patients we must be on top of our actions at all times. A misstep can carry serious consequences for you, the NP, and your patients. Last month, I discussed steps to take after you make a medical error. Step 1? Admit the mistake. Here's how.

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Weekend Wrap Up 4.10.16

Happy Sunday! What are you up to on this beautiful spring morning? Cheering on Nashville's hockey team on Thursday evening, a trendy restaurant date on Friday night, and sipping wine with girlfriends on Saturday, have left me behind at work and home. So, today, I'll be in a deep cleaning, e-mail answering frenzy of activity. I hope your morning has a more relaxed look, although it does feel good to get caught up. If you find the time for some light reading, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

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Here's How to Sell Back Your NP Program Textbooks Online

I'm probably aging myself here, but when I was in my nurse practitioner program I sold my textbooks at the end of each semester in-person. Large moving vans pulled up to the edges of campus, staffers in each promising to offer better buyback deals than those hawking the other side of the school. 

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6 Simple Ways to Make Your NP Job Easier

There are times in my job as a nurse practitioner I find myself thinking ‘ugh, not again!’. I may have answered the same question from patient for the fifth time in a row, explained a concept over and over again, or encountered a misunderstanding multiple times in a single shift. While many people think working in the emergency department must be erratic, I identify patterns in my work as an NP. In fact, most of my job is somewhat routine. 

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Nurse Practitioners + Delegating: What's Your Liability Risk?

The medical assistants in the emergency department where I work are incredibly helpful. They check vital signs, perform ECGs, and most importantly in my book, splint fractures. Splinting can be time intensive and isn't always easy. With backgrounds as EMTs, paramedics, and first responders, medical assistants in the ER have experience with splinting and are admittedly more adept than myself at the task. 

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