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5 Issues to Consider When Starting Your Own Nurse Practitioner Practice

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Krouse

Nurse practitioner run practices are increasing in number throughout the country. From house call businesses to family practices, nurse practitioners are establishing themselves as business owners in the healthcare industry. Working with nurse practitioners to form their own practices is an exciting experience, but also one that many nurse practitioners find intimidating. 

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Anatomical Accent Pillows for NPs & PAs

Do you ever get distracted and find yourself completely off track? Well, that's what happened with this post. No, I didn't wake up on this rainy Thursday morning thinking "Hmmm, anatomical accent pillows are all the rage these days", although apparently they are. Somehow, between an intent to write on a super serious topic and taking a Pinterest break to search decor ideas for my ever in progress 1920's home, I stumbled upon a completely new subject de jour. So, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, meet medical home decor. 

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Medicare vs. Medicaid: Which Pays Nurse Practitioners More?

You may have entered nursing with the purest of intentions, seeking a career of service. Helping people is your thing. But, let's be honest. Your practice must generate revenue to stay in business. You can't help your patients become healthier or treat their medical problems without being reimbursed for your time and resources. Taking into account the dollars and cents of the services you provide as a nurse practitioner is essential to keeping your practice afloat. Which government-based insurance plans reimburse NPs at the highest rates?

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My Little Black Nurse Practitioner Work Survival Kit

I was getting ready for work the other evening when my husband, always concerned about drowsy driving, inquired as to the number of caffeinated beverages I had on hand in my workbag. I let him know that with a Coke fountain on-site and a coffee pot (filled with brew of questionable quality but substantial caffeine content) constantly simmering in the ER break room, I would be adequately alert to make it through the night shift. Then, I started thinking - even without these resources at work I had my own stash of caffeine on hand. 

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Have You Heard About the New Opioid Prescribing Guidelines?

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Scarbrough Fisher

The Center for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administration both recently released new guidelines, from the CDC, and new regulations, from the FDA, aimed at addressing the rising concern about the nationwide opioid epidemic. Not coincidentally, these guidelines and regulations were announced within a week of one another. I think this signals a strong message from the federal government to both state governments and health care providers: if you won’t fix this problem, we will.

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The Dangers of Putting Your NP Career On Hold for Kids

Now over 30 (gasp!), many of my friends are on baby #2. The reality of having a family is setting in for my former nurse practitioner school classmates, and each has a different opinion as to the best plan for balancing work and family life. Some continue working full time, others quit their jobs entirely, and yet others are fortunate enough to find a flexible middle ground. Nurse practitioners who do put their careers on hold for family may find themselves regretting the decision later in life. 

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Twisting the Truth on Your NP Program Application - Excused!

NP program admissions teams conjure a vision for their ideal applicant. Grades, standardized test scores, interviews, and recommendations must all be favorable for a student’s application to get an in-depth look. Personal statements must be on point. When it comes to personal statements, admissions faculty identify applicants whose career goals and mission fit with those not only of the school, but also the specialty to which the prospective student has applied. A misguided essay is enough to give your nurse practitioner program application the boot. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 3.25.16

Happy Friday! I have plans to celebrate Easter with family on Sunday, however, this weekend I'm most excited to seriously sleep in on Saturday. Working three night shifts in the emergency department has gotten the better of me this week, and I'm ready to correct the snooze deficit. What are your Easter weekend plans? If you're looking for a distraction to get you through to the weekend on this Good Friday, check out these health news stories. 

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How are Nurse Practitioner Certification Questions Made?

Certification is on the minds of soon to be nurse practitioner school grads. A spring graduation date means that now is the time to start studying for the dreaded boards. Piling additional certification study sessions on top of your already strapped schedule isn't ideal. But, putting time and effort into preparing for the nurse practitioner certification exam is essential to securing employment after you graduate. 

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How to Build a Practice Catering to Patients You Actually Like

Whether you are employed by a large company, or own a small, solo practice, as a nurse practitioner, part of the responsibility for structuring and maintaining a successful business falls on you. Building your patient panel may seem like a daunting task, however the ability to do so is a huge advantage. As part of this process, nurse practitioners have the opportunity to create a practice catering to patients they, well, actually like. Let me explain. 

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Nurse Practitioner School Shadow Box Inspiration

I'm not very nostalgic or sentimental, but I do enjoy looking back on the few photos and mementos that I have from my time as a nurse practitioner student. Seeing the faces of myself and my classmates turned lifelong friends much younger transports me back to our grad school days. Early mornings in the hospital and late night study sessions didn't get in the way of our fun. Life as a nurse practitioner student is stressful, but also comes with friendships and a sense of accomplishment.

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Your Questions About Working in the ER, Answered

After I graduated from my nurse practitioner program, it took me a few years to find my niche. I always knew I wanted to work in the emergency department, however employers required experience and refused to budge. Unable to land so much as an interview in the ER, I settled for employment at a walk-in/primary care clinic and then in urgent care. With two years of experience under my belt, I was finally able to talk my way into an interview at a local emergency department. Five years later, I’m still employed by the same hospital and am enjoying life as a seasoned emergency department nurse practitioner. 

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