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I Resolved to Leave Work On Time...

…This is what I did to make it happen 

As a nurse practitioner who has worked in primary care, urgent care and emergency department settings, I can say there are a few challenges common to NPs across the board. Leaving work on time is one of them. Packed schedules have us scrambling from patient to patient with little time left for charting, reviewing lab results, and responding to questions. So, we tack these duties on to the end of our clinical day or bring them home with us. 

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10 Best Stethoscopes Under $100

Finding the right stethoscope as a nurse practitioner can be a bit tricky. While you want something that provides good overall auscultation to ensure accuracy in examining and assessing your patients, it also should be durable and provide comfortable fit for long days on the job. Fortunately, investing in a great stethoscope doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are our top pick for the 10 best stethoscopes under $100. 

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Why I Don't Work in an Academic Medical Center

Nashville, TN where I live and work happens to be a vibrant healthcare community. Home to multiple multi-state healthcare organizations as well as a handful of universities, Nashville has a wealth of employment options for nurse practitioners. NPs in the city may work in solo private practices, community health clinics, specialty practices, public hospitals, private hospitals and, yes, academic medical centers. The number of options was exciting for me as I embarked on my nurse practitioner career

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NPs on the MMU Adventure Make a Difference!

I know I talk a lot about Midlevels for the Medically Underserved here on MidlevelU. It's because I believe so much in the nurse practitioners participating in the program and have such a passion for mentoring new grads who sometimes fall through the cracks in their first year of employment. I have to say that this week, I am particularly proud of the nine NPs participating in our inaugural Midlevels for the Medically Underserved class. In just a few short months, they have grown by leaps and bounds. 

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Binge Watch These Netflix Picks for Nurse Practitioners

One of my favorite things to do after a long, hard day’s work (aside from immediately changing into my yoga pants) is clicking on Netflix and settling in the couch for a nice, long binge! Some days, it’s all I can think about doing. While I love a good series, I also enjoy mixing things up a little with an interesting and thought provoking documentary, especially those that relate to healthcare. With endless options, some nights I spend my whole evening sifting through for my next binge-worthy pick and end up falling asleep before settling on a know the feeling!

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Live Nurse Practitioner Residency Q&A

Learn more about the new residency-like program for NPs

By now you've probably heard about MidlevelU's new residency-like program for nurse practitioners. Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) facilitates a smooth transition from education to practice with the mission of serving communities in need of healthcare. Applying to MMU and other post-graduate programs is a big decision. So, on January 30th at Noon CST, we're hosting a live webinar to answer questions, address concerns, and generally share our enthusiasm for MMU. 

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5 Fierce Ways Millennials will Change the NP Profession

Did you grow up doing any of the following a. playing Oregon Trail on a desktop computer b. wearing Playskool roller skates velcroed over your Keds c. watching the TV hit Full House? If so, you might be a millennial. My husband and I always argue about which of us is a millennial (he is clearly too old to be considered). Most people, however, define the generation as those individuals born from the early 1980's through the mid 1990's. As this generation establishes itself further and further in the workforce, we can expect to see some changes in the coming years. 

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Yep, Your Patients are Stereotyping You By Gender

I'm not usually one to chime in on gender in the workplace discussions. Frankly, I'm not one to tip toe around politically correct lines. I'm a hire the right person for the job kind of individual rather than one who envisions workplaces with a 50-50 balance of men and women. Recently, however, a gender related matter hit the email list serve and became a discussion topic with my employer affecting my work as a nurse practitioner. Here's what happened. 

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Are We Asking Too Much of Preceptors?

If you're a nurse practitioner student, or an NP who recalls your grad school days, you know that finding a clinical preceptor can be a total nightmare. Unless you have a number of connections in the healthcare world, convincing a provider to take on the responsibility of training you isn't easy. Patient care and the demands of an employer take precedent over accepting a student, as they should. Even the most altruistic NPs must work - without this they wouldn't be able to serve as preceptors anyway. 

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These 10 Posts Will Energize Your Nurse Practitioner Career

How are you settling in to 2017? If your New Year's resolutions have already lost momentum and you've already strayed from accomplishing the goals you've set, don't lose heart. Change takes time and accomplishment is always preceded by hard work. To help maintain motivation in your nurse practitioner career as we kick off 2017, check out these top reads from the past year. 

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5 Personal Nurse Practitioner Lessons from 2016

2016 has been an interesting year for me both personally and professionally. On the home front, I have encountered some unexpected challenges that forced my attention away from work towards myself and my family. At the same time, MidlevelU has also grown to 100,000 readers strong, launched a residency-like program for NPs, Midlevels for the Medically Underserved, and continued to expand its online offerings. I've got a great team to help out with these projects, but still the year has certainly seemed like a whirlwind! While unanticipated events caused the year to have its share of ups and downs, expectedly these challenges have led to personal and professional growth. 

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Best Gifts for the Wine-Loving Nurse Practitioner

How do you unwind after a long day at the clinic or hospital? Maybe you go for a walk or jog. Perhaps you cook a gourmet(ish) meal. Or, maybe you don't get to kick back until you crawl under the covers for some sweet, sweet sleep. One sure recipe for a relaxing evening is, of course, pouring a tall glass of vino. Whether you prefer merlot or chardonnay, if you've got a nurse practitioner on your list this year, wine accessories can make the perfect gift. 

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