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5 Sites to Keep Up with Evidence Based Practice on Your Lunch Break

As nurse practitioners we're busy. Chances are you find yourself constantly at that tipping point where time spent on your personal and professional lives is out of whack. You can barely complete the responsibilities of your position and meet the expectations of your employer, much less find time to keep up to date with changes in healthcare. It's essential, however, to keep yourself in the loop with the latest in medicine so that you're delivering the best care possible. 

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Big-Time Challenges that Even Experienced Nurse Practitioners Face

The other day I checked out my work schedule for the coming months. I felt a flood of dread overcome me. The reaction was automatic and as I rationally examined my thoughts, I wondered what was different. Just a few weeks ago I returned home from work thinking about how much I loved my career and enjoyed the work I do as a nurse practitioner. It seemed that little had changed in the interim. 

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How Many Calories Do Nurse Practitioners Burn at Work?

Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a health nut. I eat more than my fair share of fruits and veggies. I jog religiously. But, when I get home from working an evening or night shift in the ER, I totally binge. My husband stares wide-eyed from his seat at the kitchen table where he sits sipping coffee as I storm through the door at 6am and down 3 chocolate chips without blinking as I tell him about my evening. 

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5 Pandora Stations for the Nurse Practitioner's Desk

Singing along not recommended

Recording patient encounter after patient encounter in my hospital's EMR system makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Listening to to sound of vomiting inevitably coming from a patient room located within earshot of my desk makes my lunch suddenly unappetizing. A good Pandora station, however is often enough to smooth over these inconveniences and annoyances in my day helping me maintain a positive mood despite life as a nurse practitioner's challenges. 

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Top Ten Gifts for Nurse Practitioners

By Ariel Jacobs for Medelita

Whether its for a birthday, a holiday, or just a little something special to show someone that you care, here are some gift ideas for the nurse in your life! With gifts for every size budget, you will surely find something on this list that will put a smile on their face.

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Does Anyone Actually Know How NPs are Allowed to Practice?

I'm at a pharmacology conference in Chicago this week with a friend and former NP school classmate. My friend, Ann, is a family nurse practitioner who has been working in a cardiology practice for the past six years. Ann is pretty much an amazing and inspiring NP. Within cardiology, she has honed her skills in electrophysiology and does all things palpitations, pacemakers, and defibrillators

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Spotted: Athleisure + Scrubs

Those who know me personally understand my preference for leisure wear. Forget business casual, I prefer a professional setting where yoga pants are allowed. Frankly, the ability to wear scrubs working as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department is a major contributor to my job satisfaction. Scrubs are comfy, don't require dry cleaning, inexpensive, and have an expandable waistband. What more could one ask for?

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An Inside Look at Nurse Practitioner Residency Life

Our first Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) class is well underway. If you haven't yet heard of MMU, you can think about the program similar to a residency for nurse practitioners. MMU matches less experienced NPs with facilities capable of supporting new grads in medically underserved areas across the country. As a group, MMU participants support each other throughout the ups and downs of new grad life, and join in opportunities to further clinical learning along the way. 

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Do You Get Admin Time as a Nurse Practitioner?

I recently talked with a group of primary care nurse practitioners who expressed frustration about the amount of time they spend on work after the clinic doors close for the day. Working as a nurse practitioner means a lot more than interacting directly with patients. It means, well paperwork. From reviewing lab results to completing prior authorizations for medications, the behind the scenes activities of healthcare providers consume a lot of time. The NPs I talked with find themselves spending up to two hours every evening working on such tasks outside of normal hours

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3 Stats that Show NPs are Changing the Primary Care Workforce

I got off on a tangent somehow this morning. In the midst of preparing for a continuing education presentation, my Googling got off track and click, click, click, I landed on an article totally off the topic of ‘prescribing considerations in primary care’. The New England Journal of Medicine’s Rethinking the Primary Care Workforce - An Expanded Role for Nurses shared some compelling statistics about the future of healthcare delivery in our country. Since these stats were interesting enough to divert my attention this morning, I felt compelled to share them. 

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Does Working as a Nurse Practitioner Give You 'Death Anxiety'?

Seated over a candle-lit dinner on the beach in Aruba a few months ago, I admitted to my husband that I have a suspicion I may die in my 40's from some horrible accident or cancer diagnosis. I don't dwell on this, but feel acutely aware of it's possibility. My grandfather lived to be 103 so most people assume that I will be somewhere around 120 years old when I throw in the towel. But, my experiences in the emergency department (and my love for raw cookie dough and red wine...) leave me unconvinced at times. 

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Protect Your Practice with These 5 Social Media Guidelines

Social media can be a beneficial tool for nurse practitioners; providing a way for NPs to not only connect and network with others from the medical community but to seek and gain support from friends, family and other peers after a long day of seeing patients. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the convenience of keeping up with friends and family with a quick scroll through your newsfeed during some well deserved downtime? While it may seem like all fun and games, posting the wrong thing on social media has the potential to seriously harm your career as a nurse practitioner.

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