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7 International Experiences for Learning Medical Spanish

We've been talking language skills this week on MidlevelU. From the legal requirements of working with non-English speaking patients, to the logistics of working with an interpreter, there's a lot to consider in treating patients from other cultures. While acting as your own interpreter isn't advised unless you are truly fluent, it is helpful to at least understand a few basics of languages commonly spoken by your patients. 

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Rediscover Your Reason for Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

I talked with a hospital administrator recently who honed in on something that I think goes largely ignored in the healthcare community. As nurse practitioners, we may not be burnt out, but we do grow frustrated and disillusioned by the challenges we face in our jobs. Our patients can be non-compliant, meaning our time and effort seems to be in vain. We may work with 'difficult' patients - drug seekers, confrontational attitudes etc. Facing these aspects of working in healthcare is enough to leave us critical of our career circumstances. 

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An NP's 5 Rules for Being Friends with Coworkers

The emergency department where I work has a very collegial environment. Physicians, NPs and nurses spend time socially with one another., One friend/coworker group, for example, vacationed together at the Hangout Fest music festival in Alabama earlier this year. A Kentucky Derby viewing party is an annual event held in one MD’s home and all ED staff are invited to attend. Yet another group of workplace friends organizes regular lunch meet-ups with an open invitation. While socialization between coworkers is generally positive, I often wonder if the nature of our workplace social structure has the potential to lead to professional pitfalls.

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AAFP Objects to Subspecialty Nurse Practitioner Referrals, Thoughts?

As nurse practitioners, we're all well aware that there can be tension between NPs and MDs, particularly when it comes to organizations representing these professions. While nurse practitioners and physicians typically get along well in the workplace, a war wages behind the scenes as to the rights and privileges NPs should be granted. Physicians fight to keep a superior stake in the ground and maintain a hierarchy in medicine. A recent op-ed, I Referred My Patients to Subspecialists; So Why Did They See NPs?, posted on the American Academy of Family Physicians website takes an angle in the argument against nurse practitioners that I hadn't previously considered.

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Father's Day Gifts for the Nurse Practitioner Dad

Another Father’s Day is upon us and unlike mom’s, who are usually content with a little pampering or spending quality time with family on Mother’s Day, finding the perfect gift for dad can be a bit more difficult. Of course, a handmade gift from the kids is always appreciated and cherished by any parent, but perhaps you are the wife or an adult child of an awesome dad who also happens to be a Nurse Practitioner.

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Nurses Week Gifts for the NP in Your Life

National Nurses Week is upon us and if you’re still scratching your head on how to show your appreciation for that special nurse in your life, the MidlevelU Team has got you covered. From personalized to practical, these gifts ideas are sure to reflect your recognition and be put to good use (no stereotypical key chains here).

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Bottoms Up! 8 Themed Cocktails for Nurses Week

It's officially National Nurses Week! How do you plan to celebrate? We figure the occasion is definitely an excuse for NPs to get together after work to share a cocktail and commemorate their accomplishments. To kick off this week's festivities, we've come up with a few nursing-appropriate concoctions. Gin and colonic, anyone?

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5 Sites to Keep Up with Evidence Based Practice on Your Lunch Break

As nurse practitioners we're busy. Chances are you find yourself constantly at that tipping point where time spent on your personal and professional lives is out of whack. You can barely complete the responsibilities of your position and meet the expectations of your employer, much less find time to keep up to date with changes in healthcare. It's essential, however, to keep yourself in the loop with the latest in medicine so that you're delivering the best care possible. 

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Big-Time Challenges that Even Experienced Nurse Practitioners Face

The other day I checked out my work schedule for the coming months. I felt a flood of dread overcome me. The reaction was automatic and as I rationally examined my thoughts, I wondered what was different. Just a few weeks ago I returned home from work thinking about how much I loved my career and enjoyed the work I do as a nurse practitioner. It seemed that little had changed in the interim. 

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How Many Calories Do Nurse Practitioners Burn at Work?

Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a health nut. I eat more than my fair share of fruits and veggies. I jog religiously. But, when I get home from working an evening or night shift in the ER, I totally binge. My husband stares wide-eyed from his seat at the kitchen table where he sits sipping coffee as I storm through the door at 6am and down 3 chocolate chips without blinking as I tell him about my evening. 

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5 Pandora Stations for the Nurse Practitioner's Desk

Singing along not recommended

Recording patient encounter after patient encounter in my hospital's EMR system makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Listening to to sound of vomiting inevitably coming from a patient room located within earshot of my desk makes my lunch suddenly unappetizing. A good Pandora station, however is often enough to smooth over these inconveniences and annoyances in my day helping me maintain a positive mood despite life as a nurse practitioner's challenges. 

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Top Ten Gifts for Nurse Practitioners

By Ariel Jacobs for Medelita

Whether its for a birthday, a holiday, or just a little something special to show someone that you care, here are some gift ideas for the nurse in your life! With gifts for every size budget, you will surely find something on this list that will put a smile on their face.

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