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Controversy Over the Word "Doctor"

Since the implementation of the DNP degree, "doctors" have become concerned according to the New York Times Health Blog.  They worry that nurses with a doctorate degree using the title "doctor" will begin

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Why I Like Being a Nurse Practitioner and You Should Become One

I am thrilled I chose a career as a nurse practitioner and recommend it to almost everyone!

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Should Nurse Practitioners Practice Independently?


At MidlevelU, we say yes!  Watch this news clip that aired on Fox and Friends discussing the controversy.

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Good News for Midlevel Providers

A 2011 CDC publication finds that the use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants is on the rise in outpatient medical clinics.

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Why the Term Mid-Level?

Academia takes offense to the term mid-level and surely some practicing nurse practitioners and physician assistants do as well.  But, let's be honest- it is what we are!

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