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Nurse Practitioner Productivity Payment: How Does it Work? Part 1- The RVU

Working as a NP in the ER, I am paid a flat hourly rate in addition to payment based on productivity.  Similarly, as a nurse practitioner, you may be offered a position where you are paid on a productivity basis rather than a flat salary.  So how exactly is productivity payment calculated?  I will explain in a series of posts.  Let's start with the basics- the RVU. 

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Bedside Manner in the Days of Electronic Health Records

One of my first supervising physicians was notorious for his poor bedside manner, especially as it related to the computer.  A story frequently told when he was away from the clinic went like this:  One day, this particular physician was treating a patient.  He was supposedly documenting in an electronic health record on his laptop as the patient was describing his symptoms.

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How I Found a Job as a Nurse Practitioner Within One Week of Graduation

You started your NP program with the purpose of ultimately working as a nurse practitioner.  Why is it then that so many nurse practitioner program graduates have difficulty finding jobs after graduation?  I think you need to be willing to get creative and do some thinking outside the box.  No, I'm not talking about renting a billboard to advertise yourself, just being a little craftier than other NP graduates entering the job market.  Let me tell you my story.

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5 Companies You Should Consider for Your Next Continuing Education Conference


Sure, You can get your continuing education credits free online.  But isn't it much more fun to use the stipend provided by your employer to go somewhere fun?  Consider these companies for your future continuing medical education conferences.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Specialties


Despite having the title "nurse practitioner" in common, NP's in different specialties have very different incomes.  Who makes the most money?

1. Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner ($103, 722)  Emergency department nurse practitioners work in the fast-paced setting of the ER treating patients of all ages.  These NP's deal with varying levels of acuity and therefore often require experience before landing a job in this specialty. 

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Down With the Drug-Seekers

If you are an NP, you have no doubt encountered malingering patients seeking narcotic prescriptions.  Some are a dead giveaway, others a little more crafty.  Once you identify these patients, you have to decide... is it worth the fight?  Have I had enough energy drinks tonight to stand my ground and not prescribe any narcotic meds?  Will pull the bait and switch and tell the patient I have written them something for "pain" and then promptly produce a prescription for 800mg Ibuprofen (and mentally prepare for a verbal assault)?

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