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Do These 8 Things After Giving Your Two Weeks Notice

The Guide to a Graceful Exit for Nurse Practitioners 

Working up the nerve to give your two weeks notice to your employer can be downright stressful and intimidating. No doubt the days leading up to handing in your resignation have been filled with worry, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. But once you are able to work up the courage and deliver your notice, an unexplainable surge of excitement and adrenaline rush through your body as you waltz out of your boss’s office on cloud nine. 

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Do You Believe Your Nurse Practitioner Bonus Will Be Paid?

One perk employers may offer to nurse practitioners is a bonus in addition to a base salary. For some NPs a bonus is an extra but not a substantial part of the compensation package. For other nurse practitioners, bonuses can potentially amount to tens of thousands of dollars each year in addition to a base salary. Despite the potential for extra cash, many nurse practitioners are skeptical of such compensation structures. Do you believe your bonus will be paid?

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Here's Why It's Tough to Find a Nurse Practitioner Job in the South

Originally from the West Coast, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I relocated south of the Mason Dixon line. There were certainly new foods to try- grits, okra and fried pickles to name a few. Country music, a staple in Tennessee, was one of my favorite discoveries as a result of my move. The charm of the south drew me in, from rolling green hills to hot and humid summers spent at the lake. Once I made my move, I never looked back. 

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Reentering the Nurse Practitioner Workforce in 8 Not-So-Easy Steps

I often talk to nurse practitioners who have taken a few years off from their NP careers. Most commonly, family priorities are the reason for the break from the workforce. Other times, a lengthy job search turned stagnant and led to a continuation of one's RN career. Whatever your reason for taking five from life as a nurse practitioner, it's not too late to reenter the NP workforce. Before you do so, careful planning is in order. These six steps should help. 

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How Much Should NPs Expect to Pay a Collaborating Physician?

Physician oversight requirements can be a significant hurdle to overcome if you're thinking about opening your own nurse practitioner practice. For starters, complying with supervision or collaboration requirements affects your practice's bottom line. You will need to pay an MD to conduct chart reviews or be available for consultation as mandated by laws in your state. Just how much of your practice's revenue can you expect to spend on compensating an overseeing physician?

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What is the OIG Exclusion List, and How Could it Affect Your Practice?

By Healthcare Attorney Alex Scarbrough Fisher

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services maintains a list of healthcare providers who are excluded from participating in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other Federal health care programs. This list is known as the “List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE)” and it is a BIG DEAL for the healthcare providers who unfortunately find themselves on this list. 

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The Non-Annoying Plan for Following Up After a Nurse Practitioner Interview

I get a lot of questions from nurse practitioners facing a job transition. One piece of advice they often seek relates to following up after an interview. If you are applying to nurse practitioner jobs, naturally you're eagerly awaiting a post-interview decision. But, following up to soon or too often may be misinterpreted as being pushy, pesky, or downright annoying. 

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How Personality Profiling Can Help Your Practice

I'm a big fan of personality profiling. First of all, as a test taker, the path to self-discovery is exciting. Not to mention, taking a personality assessment feels a bit like the magazine quizzes I once took in graduate school. For employers, personality profiling gives insight into how applicants will fit with the position you're hiring for and your company culture as a whole. If you're a nurse practitioner who helps make hiring decisions for your practice or department, here's how personality profiling can help improve your team. 

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5 Sites to Keep Up with Evidence Based Practice on Your Lunch Break

As nurse practitioners we're busy. Chances are you find yourself constantly at that tipping point where time spent on your personal and professional lives is out of whack. You can barely complete the responsibilities of your position and meet the expectations of your employer, much less find time to keep up to date with changes in healthcare. It's essential, however, to keep yourself in the loop with the latest in medicine so that you're delivering the best care possible. 

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What's the Average Starting Salary for Nurse Practitioners?

With very little to no nurse practitioner experience, it's natural to assume you won't earn a top salary as a new grad. The same principle holds true for most professions. But, just how much can you expect to earn once you complete your nurse practitioner program?

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Big-Time Challenges that Even Experienced Nurse Practitioners Face

The other day I checked out my work schedule for the coming months. I felt a flood of dread overcome me. The reaction was automatic and as I rationally examined my thoughts, I wondered what was different. Just a few weeks ago I returned home from work thinking about how much I loved my career and enjoyed the work I do as a nurse practitioner. It seemed that little had changed in the interim. 

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Can You Work as an NP Before Passing Your Certification Exam?

Once you've graduated from your nurse practitioner program, the wait to take your certification exam can present a significant delay for your job search. If you aren't yet certified, you can't start working, right? Fortunately, some states have recognized this inconvenient setback and provided new NP grads with a way to start their careers sooner. 

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