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Best Value Nurse Practitioner Programs: Our Top 5 Picks

Becoming a nurse practitioner is a costly decision (but it will be worth it).  Avoiding unnecessary expense in getting your NP education prevents the headache of paying off a chunk of loans once you graduate leaving you free to enjoy your new career.  If you wish to go about getting your nurse practitioner degree in a financially savvy manner, which schools will offer you a quality education at an affordable price? 

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Nurse Practitioner Bridge Programs: Can You Really Enroll In a NP Program Without an RN Degree?

The typical path to becoming a nurse practitioner requires that students complete a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN) followed by a Master's Degree in Nursing (MSN).  For those of us who did not know we wanted to become NP's and did not complete an undergraduate degree in nursing or who are making a career change to complete a MSN degree, technically we should have to return to school to first obtain our BSN.  But is there a faster way to become a nurse practitioner?

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Which 5 States Do Not Require NP's to Take the National Certification Exam?

In the creating to the 2012 Guide to Nurse Practitioner Programs, I was shocked to find that some schools responded to my inquiries about their pass rate on the national certification exam by stating that a national certification exam is not required for nurse practitioners to practice in their state.  Lucky NP's!  Which states so not require nurse practitioners to pass a national certification exam to be eligible for practice?

1. California

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What Percentage of NP Students Pass the Certification Exam? See Our NP Program Pass Rate List

After you complete your nurse practitioner degree program, in most states you will need to take a national certification exam before you are eligible to practice.  As we have mentioned in earlier posts, you should be thinking about this exam from the beginning of your nurse practitioner education as passing the exam is essential to your ability to be employed as a NP.  Which schools have the highest pass rates on the national certification exam?  We asked 200 schools for

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3 Things You Need to Ask When Looking for a Nurse Practitioner Program

Finding the right NP program can be very overwhelming.  There are online programs, campus based programs, part-time and full-time options.  Then, there is the unknown.  What will you wish you had asked once you are in the program?  Here are 3 things you should ask your nurse practitioner program admissions staff before enrolling:

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Nurse Practitioner Program Scholarships


Need some cash to fund your NP education?  Here are some good places to start.

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How Much Does It Cost to Become a Nurse Practitioner?


A major factor in your nurse practitioner program decision should be cost.  Will a career change make sense financially?  Which schools offer a quality education for a reasonable tuition?  Using data collected from 200 nurse practitioner programs, I will outline about how much it will cost you to get a nurse practitioner degree (assuming you are pursuing an MSN degree, not a DNP).

Nurse Practitioner Program Costs

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Back to School! 5 Tips for an Enjoyable Nurse Practitioner Program Experience


School supplies have begun to line the isles of the Target and Wal-Mart stores near you.  The malls are frantically marking down swimsuits and shorts to make room for Fall boots and jeans.  It is time to start thinking about Back to School.  Are you ready?

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The DNP Transition

How did the recent push toward requiring the DNP rather than the MSN degree for nurse practitioners occur?  Who is in charge?  For those of us not in academia (and maybe some who are), this is a confusing topic as it seems there is not yet a cohesive plan for implementing the DNP requirement.

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5 Steps to Nurse Practitioner Certification


Towards the end of my family nurse practitioner eduction, my professors began to discuss the process of nurse practitioner licensing and certification.  The process was never clearly laid out by my nurse practitioner program and I found myself confused by the process.  So, here are the steps to obtaining the credentials you need to practice as a nurse practitioner.

1. Check Your RN License

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Midlevel U's Top 5 Nurse Practitioner Programs

You have decided you want to become a nurse practitioner.  Which nurse practitioner program do you choose?  After compiling information from over 200 nurse practitioner programs, we have come up with our Top 5 List of Nurse Practitioner programs for 2012.

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