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Unexpected Challenges of Working as a New Grad NP

This morning I was engaged in a discussion with one of our Midlevels for the Medically Underserved cohorts. This group of new grad nurse practitioners and physician assistants has been working in the primary care setting for about six months now so has a little practice experience under their belts. As we were talking, several themes emerged in the conversation. There were a number of challenges facing these novice NPs that they hadn't anticipated. 

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3 Dermatology Certifications for Nurse Practitioners

This week here at MidlevelU, we're talking specialty certifications for nurse practitioners. NP degrees are awarded for broad specialties, but for nurse practitioners with focused interests, seeking specialty certification outside of academia can be a beneficial career move. This not only demonstrates a commitment to your specialty but also show patients and prospective employers that you have achieved a certain skill set or level of knowledge. Yesterday, we looked at cardiology certifications for NPs. Today, we will tackle derm. 

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What's Up with Continuing Education in Nashville?

Get the scoop on our newest CE offering

Can you believe it's already October? As 2017 winds down and we head toward the holiday season, we're doing some serious planning for the upcoming year here at MidlevelU. We've been working particularly hard to line up our first ever live continuing education conference for nurse practitioners and physician assistants here in our hometown of Nashville, TN. We can't wait for you to see what's in store as we welcome MidlevelU readers to Nashville to meet in person!

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Cardiology Certifications for NPs That Don't Require Another Degree

...because you've been in school long enough

I received an excellent question from a nurse practitioner this weekend. This particular NP reached out about programs that allow nurse practitioners to receive specialty education or acknowledge specialty experience without returning to school for an additional degree. Most nurse practitioner programs offer broad education tracks rather than subspecialty education. So, NPs with focused interests are left to blaze their own trail toward further specialization. 

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Why I Started a Nurse Practitioner Residency

As a new nurse practitioner, I faced a number of challenges after graduation. One was furthering my learning. My days in the clinic were packed and while I was able to get patient care questions answered for the most part, there was little time to adequately internalize and understand this new clinical knowledge in a way I could retain. Not to mention, when I arrived home in the evenings exhausted, reading research articles and studying up on my own were out of the question. My mind by that point in the day was pretty much mush. 

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What's the Pass Rate for the Acute Care NP Certification Exam?

Whether you’re an aspiring nurse practitioner with a passion for acute care who’s just begun applying to programs or a current NP student preparing for graduation, you likely understand that the certification exam is the culmination to putting your education into practice. If you haven’t already, odds are at some point during your NP education, you’ll have a stressful thought or two about which exam to take and whether you’ll actually pass.

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4 Affordable Ways to Get Your DNP

Chatting with a nurse practitioner colleague this weekend, I learned that she is strongly considering going back to school for her DNP degree. Admittedly, I am not thinking about taking the plunge into furthering my education - at least not for now. My initial thought as we discussed her DNP plans was "Ugh...the cost!". Most nurse practitioners won't get a raise along with advancing their degree. So, the move must truly be made in the name of education or taking one's career in a new direction. 

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How Likely are You to Pass the WHNP Certification Exam?

Naturally, if you're a women's health nurse practitioner student nearing the end of your education, you've got the national certification exam on your mind. Between coursework and clinicals, you may not have had much time to devote to studying for this all important test quite yet, but its reality looms. Adding to the pressure you feel is the fact that you can't start working in your new profession until you conquer this challenge. So, just what is the likelihood you'll pass the WHNP certification exam?

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4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Nurse Practitioner Program

If you're a nurse practitioner student, you're downright busy. From coursework to clinicals, holding down a job and making time for friends and family, you likely don't have energy left in the day for extras. You're barely making it as it is. The temptation in such circumstances can be to slide by doing the bare minimum to stay afloat. I've been there. Given all the challenges NP students face, prioritizing and focus is a must. Come graduation day, those who take steps to maximize their nurse practitioner education will be the most prepared for employment. How can you make the most of the time you spend on your NP education?

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Top 10 Reasons to Apply for MidlevelU's NP Residency

What will you do when you graduate from your nurse practitioner program? If you've already graduated, have you taken the leap into your next career step, finding a job? Completing NP school is a time of excitement and promise but also one of anxiety and chaos. What next steps do you need to take to get licensed? Do you have the clinical skills required to succeed? As a new nurse practitioner, I had many of the same thoughts. And, well, I struggled in my first job out of school which was the motivation behind starting Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU). 

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Congrats, MMU Residency Grads!

What a year! It seems like just yesterday we welcomed our inaugural Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) class to MidlevelU HQ here in Nashville, TN. To kickoff the year-long residency-like program for our adventurous first cohort of nurse practitioners, we practiced suturing skills, office procedures and talked practice basics that are often overlooked as part of the nurse practitioner education (check out some footage from the event here). Then, we went our separate ways spreading out to clinics located across the country to provide care for patients who need it most. 

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5 Tips for Starting Your NP Program Off on the Right Foot

If you're heading into a nurse practitioner program this year, congrats! Making the decision to further your education isn't an easy one. Your motivation and enthusiasm will take you far as you kick off the semester. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to stay focused as the school year wears on. To set yourself up for nurse practitioner school success, here is some advice based on my own NP program experience. 

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