5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Nurse Practitioners

You obviously can't show up for a Halloween party in your scrubs dressed as a 'doctor' or 'nurse' because that would be totally lame. And, let's be honest, your scrubs are probably contaminated with MRSA. I would also shy away from the sexy Ebola nurse costumes that flooded the Halloween market a few years ago. If you are hoping to embrace your inner science nerd and medical know-how with your disguise this Halloween, check out the following DIY costume ideas.



1. Virus or Bacteria


Whether dressing as a virus or bacteria strikes your fancy, a germ costume is the perfect Halloween pick for nurse practitioners. Costumes can be made at home and even be a family affair. Other members of your family may consider dressing as Clorox wipes, for example. Note that in the pictured bacteria costume, the light pink macronucleus does double duty as a treat pouch.


2. Lego Healthcare Provider


Do your kids love Legos? Incorporate passion for your profession with their love of toys. With a little time and patience, you can make your own Lego healthcare provider costume at home. Just watch your step while Trick-or-Treating. Walking around clad in boxes can be a little treacherous.


3. Operation Game


Do you remember the board game Operation? Becoming a life-size version of the game makes the perfect costume for nurse practitioners. Don't forget to bring along an obnoxious buzzer to signal a surgical move gone awry.


4. White Blood Cell


Kick off flu and cold season by celebrating the body's natural defenses with a white blood cell costume. Isn't this the cutest lille leukocyte you have ever seen?


5. X-Ray


By this point in your nurse practitioner career, you may be glowing with radiation, anyway. Create your own X-ray machine costume from a large cardboard box. The costume can also serve as a creative baby announcement.

This year I will not be donning a nursing-related Halloween costume. I will be appearing as a key member of the Orange Is the New Black Netflix cast. Whether for prison appropriate attire or nursing, I just can't seem to get away from scrubs What will you dress as this Halloween?


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I'm going as a troll! Love the Operation game idea though... I will have to put that in my memory bank :)

Stephanie G.