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Will You Be Asked Clinical Questions in a NP Job Interview?

Easing job interview angst 

Sweaty palms, shifting in your seat - anxiety levels are high when interviewing for a nurse practitioner position. Whether you’re a new graduate, an NP seeking a specialty transition, or an experienced provider looking for a new employer, the unknowns that come with job interviews are worrisome. One question I often receive from job-seeking nurse practitioners centers around what a prospective employer will ask in the interview, specifically “will I be asked clinical questions in a nurse practitioner job interview?”. 

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6 Key Features of a Professional Email

I often receive emails from other nurse practitioners, or am forwarded communication from NPs, that is, well, less than professional. Whether the tone of the email leaves something to be desired, or the content is of a matter best discussed in person, there are some professional norms to follow with work-related communication. Not to mention, grammar and writing standards apply. So, what do you need to keep in mind as you correspond as a nurse practitioner working in a professional setting?

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Nurse Practitioner Salaries are Decreasing in These Two States

Year over year, nurse practitioners have enjoyed gains when it comes to compensation. In some cases, these salary increases have been quite significant. Between 2015 and 2016, for example, the average salary rose more than $20,000 dollars for nurse practitioners practicing in Wyoming. Statewide data certainly doesn’t represent reality for each NP individually (so don’t fret if you haven’t received a raise recently), but can give us a valuable glimpse into professional trends. 

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Are Resumes On The Way Out for Nurse Practitioners?

You're probably aware that as a nurse practitioner applying for a job, employers are looking at much more than your resume. This extends beyond the way you communicate on the phone or over email, and even goes further than a background check. Many employers are checking out prospective additions to their team on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to understand what exactly to expect if they bring you on board. Not only that, some employers are going so far as to use your online presence and additional screenings to decide if you deserve an interview. Will these practices make resumes are a moot point for professionals like NPs?

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Do Nurse Practitioners Get the Workplace Short End of the Stick?

As a nurse practitioner, I enjoy my workplace. It certainly isn't glamorous, but the facility serves its purpose. Hospitals come with a certain smell that waxes and wanes depending on the ailments of resident patients. The walls are inevitably some sort of drab pastel color - like the designer was afraid to verge to much from a healthcare facility stereotype. The nurses' lounge fridge is inevitably disgusting, a make-your-own penicillin mold situation plaguing forgotten lunches. Not to mention, the cafeteria cuisine leaves something to be desired. 

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AAFP Objects to Subspecialty Nurse Practitioner Referrals, Thoughts?

As nurse practitioners, we're all well aware that there can be tension between NPs and MDs, particularly when it comes to organizations representing these professions. While nurse practitioners and physicians typically get along well in the workplace, a war wages behind the scenes as to the rights and privileges NPs should be granted. Physicians fight to keep a superior stake in the ground and maintain a hierarchy in medicine. A recent op-ed, I Referred My Patients to Subspecialists; So Why Did They See NPs?, posted on the American Academy of Family Physicians website takes an angle in the argument against nurse practitioners that I hadn't previously considered.

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How Personality Profiling Can Help Your Practice

I'm a big fan of personality profiling. First of all, as a test taker, the path to self-discovery is exciting. Not to mention, taking a personality assessment feels a bit like the magazine quizzes I once took in graduate school. For employers, personality profiling gives insight into how applicants will fit with the position you're hiring for and your company culture as a whole. If you're a nurse practitioner who helps make hiring decisions for your practice or department, here's how personality profiling can help improve your team. 

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