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How to Increase Your Chances of Admission to a Physician Assistant Program

Physician assistant programs are notoriously competitive.  Some PA programs have acceptance rates in the single digits making it seem nearly impossible to get in.  But, with some planning ahead and careful attention to qualities that matter to admissions faculty, you can increase your chances of being accepted to a physician assistant program.  Which aspects of your application are the most important to work on?

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Which Prerequisite Requirements Will You Need for a Physician Assistant Program?

Planning ahead is the name of the game when applying to a physician assistant program.  Some programs ask that students complete a laundry list of courses before submitting an application.  Not to mention, most physician assistant programs require prospective students to have clinical experience.  If you plan ahead, you can complete these prerequisite requirements in an efficient manner helping you to become a physician assistant more quickly.  Which courses will you need to take?

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Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant: Cost of Education

Whether you are planning on becoming a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant, there's one thing you can count on for your future- bills.  Tuition costs, while ultimately worth the expense, are high.  But is there a significant difference between the cost of the NP and PA education?  Which route will leave you with the least amount of debt on graduation day?

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10 Accelerated Physician Assistant Programs for High School Students

Choosing your career path in high school can be tough.  But, those students able to develop a clear plan for their future can save significant time and money on their education.  This is true for students aspiring to become physician assistants.

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Physician Assistant?

Fortunately, the path to becoming a physician assistant isn't quite as confusing as that of a nurse practitioner, but if you want to become a PA you still need to do some planning ahead.  Where you are on your educational path will determine how long it takes you to become a physician assistant.  

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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Physician Assistant?

So, you've decided to become physician assistant.  The next step on the path to your career is choosing a PA program.  A major factor in your decision should naturally be cost.  Just how much does it cost to become a physician assistant?  Do certain types of schools offer savings over others?

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