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Sun, Fun and...Direct Patient Care Hours

By MidlevelU Intern and Aspiring Physician Assistant Meghan Kayan

As we near mid-April, with each passing day the end of the semester is approaching more quickly than any student would like to realize. The relief that classes will be ending and the stress of homework and exams may be paused temporarily, but another obstacle must be tackled-what do I do with my free time over the summer?

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Student Loan Repayment Programs for Physician Assistants

If you've recently graduated from a physician assistant program- congratulations! You've got a bright future ahead of you in regards to your career. Now, about that debt... The excitement you feel about finally finishing your PA program is probably tempered by anxiety over the large sum of money you borrowed to finance your education and now must pay back. Overcoming student loan debt isn't easy, but fortunately there are a few (often lucrative) programs out there that can help. 

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5 Reasons You Were Rejected from Your PA Program (and How to Fix Them)

It's worse than getting picked last in gym class. It hurts more than getting the cold shoulder from your crush. It's getting that skinny envelope in the mail- the one containing a rejection letter from your physician assistant program of interest. If you've been rejected from a physician assistant program this year, there are a few things you can do to beef up your application for round two. The first step to take? Figure out where your initial application fell short. 

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Working for a Large Hospital System: Weighing the Pros and Cons

I've always fancied myself a small hospital or independent clinic kind of girl. My first nurse practitioner jobs were in walk-in and urgent care clinics where I interacted with the physician owners almost daily. Any question or concern I had went straight to the top of the administration chain. Or, rather, there was no chain. 

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18 NP Student Stereotypes: Which One are You?

It seems like no matter where and when you go to school and how old you are or how advanced your degree, somehow the students are all the same. There's always an over-sharer, a confrontationist, and a know-it-all. You know the type. 

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Prescribing Controlled Substances Responsibly: An Attorney's Advice

Do you ever wonder as you write a prescription how many controlled substances is too many? What number of prescriptions will cause you to be red flagged as an over prescriber? Whenever I write a prescription for a codeine-containing cough syrup or a narcotic pain killer, a little alarm bell sounds in my head. 

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Which States Pay Physician Assistants the Most?

With average salaries over the $90,000 mark across the country, physician assistants are overall paid well. But, some states rise above the rest when it comes to PA compensation. Salary should be a major consideration in your physician assistant job search and knowing where PA's are paid best can help you determine where to practice. 

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Neuroscience- a Worthwhile Major for Aspiring NPs and PAs?

By MidlevelU Intern and aspiring NP Ashley Prince

Neuro-what? Is the typical response I get when I tell people I'm a neuroscience major. The reaction is understandable. Neuroscience is a pretty new field, and although it sounds fancy, the name doesn't give a lot of insight into what this study is all about. Since I'm a senior (ah!) now, I've been getting a lot of questions about what neuroscience is, what you can do with it, and whether it has helped prepare me for life after undergrad. 

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Compassion Fatigue- Bona Fide or B.S.?

I'm not a fan of giving what could be considered normal physical or emotional states labels. If you ask me, it seems like many of the diagnoses listed in medical texts and publications like the DSM are a bunch of crap. Take "Shift Work Sleep Disorder", for example. I don't need a diagnosis to tell me that working weekend overnight shifts is "socially isolating", or that pulling multiple shifts that let out at 3am will result in "excessive fatigue". That's life. It's a choice. And, these symptoms are a natural, proper I might add, result of these choices. 

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Getting Admitted to Your Top PA Program: Hint- It's Not All About Grades

Graduate school admissions, especially when it comes to nurse practitioner and physician assistant programs, are quite competitive. With opportunities for healthcare providers expanding, more and more students are looking to pursue a career in medicine. So, how do you as a prospective student make your application stand out above the rest? 

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10 Highest Paying Physician Assistant Specialties

The primary factor in selecting your physician assistant specialty should be your areas of interest.  But, there is significant variation when it comes to pay for PAs across different specialties so salary comes into play when choosing where you will work.  Which physician assistants earn the most?

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The Average Physician Assistant: How Do You Compare?

Do you ever wonder how you compare to the rest of your profession?  Are most PAs middle aged males, or does that just happen to be the case at your hospital?  How much experience do you have compared to other physician assistants on the job market? 

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