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This Year's Top 10 Posts About NP Salaries

If there's one type of article MidlevelU readers like to peruse, it's those about salaries. We don't blame you. Whether you're comparing your salary to others, considering comp in a new location, or are just plain curious, it's always interesting to check out salary statistics. So, we'e delivering this year by compiling our top posts about nurse practitioner pay this year. Read on for everything from tips for asking for a raise to state-by-state salary data. 

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11 Posts for NPs Who Want to Work Internationally

Living abroad is one of those pipe dreams for me. While I'm not sure it will work out in the next twenty years given the commitments I have related to work and family, one can dream, right?! Whether you're a nurse practitioner with the flexibility to pick up and move or one who simply likes to know what your options are, there are a number ways for NPs to work internationally whether in the traditional employment sense or through a volunteer organization. 

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Featured NP Residency Opportunity - New Mexico

Is this New Mexico adventure right for you?

Are you dreaming of working in a clinic that will assist you grow in to the autonomous NP you strive to be? Are you a recent grad thinking about participating in our Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) program? We have the place for you!

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We're Hiring a Family Nurse Practitioner!

Do you know someone who might be a good fit for the job?

MidlevelU's education programs, ThriveAP and Midlevels for the Medically Underserved, are growing and were looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated Family Nurse Practitioner to join our team. If you or someone you know is an experienced FNP enthusiastic about helping new grads with the challenges they face after graduation, here's an overview of the open position. 

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3 Mistakes You’re Probably Making After Your NP Job Interview

I’ve talked with a number of nurse practitioners looking for jobs. Whether new grads fresh out of school, or NPs with several years of experience, it seems there are a few common themes that emerge in the job acquisition process for nurse practitioners across the board. Surprisingly, many of the mistakes NPs make during this process occur not during an interview, but after. 

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The Non-Annoying Plan for Following Up After a Nurse Practitioner Interview

I get a lot of questions from nurse practitioners facing a job transition. One piece of advice they often seek relates to following up after an interview. If you are applying to nurse practitioner jobs, naturally you're eagerly awaiting a post-interview decision. But, following up to soon or too often may be misinterpreted as being pushy, pesky, or downright annoying. 

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An Inside Look Into Life as an Army Nurse

Have you ever wanted to take your career to the limit? Or, at least try something totally new? As a nurse practitioner, I've heard of nurses working in the military or NPs stationed overseas through the U.S. Department of State but I've never gotten an up close look into these types of unique career experiences. Until today. 

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How Can NPs Practice in Puerto Rico?

Who hasn’t dreamt of running away and living on a beautiful island somewhere? As luxurious as views of pristine beaches and captivating landscapes right outside your doorstep sounds, actually making island living a reality can come with a lot of fears and hesitation. Not only would you have to leave behind all you know, but if you love practicing as a nurse practitioner or aren’t in a position where retirement is possible yet, at the end of the day, you’ll still have to make a living somehow. In many regions, the advanced practice nursing role isn’t as developed or as highly regarded as it is in the United States, but fortunately, we’ve got some good news for you!

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Did You Know that NPs & PAs Can Work for the CIA?

I heard about the coolest (and totally top secret) job the other day. In one of those friend of a friend conversations, I learned about a physician assistant who is going to work for the CIA. The job opportunity really piqued my interest. Based on the retelling of this individual's experience so far, the clinical position pretty much fits the CIA stereotype complete with arms training, a bag full of disaster supplies and deployment to an area of the country that's a known hot zone. 

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Can FNPs Work in Hospital and Specialty Settings?

Ahhh...the age old question. Are family nurse practitioners allowed to work in the hospital setting? The scope of practice for FNPs is a big gray area and one that's often subject to debate. When it comes to accepting a position, if you're an FNP, can you sign on with a hospital?

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The Average CRNA Salary, By State

To conclude our state-by-state salary series for advanced practice providers, today we'll focus on CRNAs. Nurses I talk with that are interested in advancing their careers typically look at two paths, becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. The NP vs. CRNA decision is a big one for these nurses and naturally, salary is a consideration in this equation. Just how much can nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists expect to earn? Last week we checked out compensation for NPs by state. Today, we'll look at the average CRNA salary across the country. 

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Our New Program Helps Recent Grads...Thrive

I am SO excited to announce today that MidlevelU is rolling out a new program for advanced practice providers. Why, you ask? Based on my own experience as a nurse practitioner, the transition from being in a NP program to actual practice is a tough one. While my nurse practitioner program gave me a solid clinical foundation, in my first job I still had a lot to learn. Providers I worked with didn't have enough time in their days to train, educate and mentor me to help fill gaps in my knowledge. This made for a frustrating first work experience. So, here at MidlevelU we decided to do something about it. Enter ThriveAP

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