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NP Residency Opportunity in Oregon

Are you a new (or soon-to-be) nurse practitioner looking for an adventure out West? If you haven’t yet heard of Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU), you can think about the program like a residency for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You match with a facility that is a supportive place to learn and kick off your career while also participating in a didactic curriculum to boost your clinical knowledge. You can learn more about the program here

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What Should NPs Expect in a Performance Review?

Does your employer conduct regularly scheduled performance reviews? Whether you're a nurse practitioner with a meeting on the books to discuss your conduct or you're faced with an impromptu assessment of your latest achievements, a performance review can be downright nerve wracking. Knowing what to expect in such a meeting and coming prepared can help you approach the review with confidence and ease anxiety. Here's what nurse practitioners can expect when a boss requests a meet-up. 

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Ask These 6 Questions Before Agreeing to Call as a Nurse Practitioner

On-call responsibilities can be a major burden as a nurse practitioner (the dread!). They mean bringing work home with you and the obligation to be on duty after hours, on weekends, and even holidays. Although managing patients by phone can be an inconvenience, the way in which this responsibility is delegated within a practice is the make-or-break factor in determining if taking call is reasonable. If your employer or soon-to-be boss is asking you to accept call responsibilities, ask these six questions first. 

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How to Prepare the Night Before Your NP Job Interview

Tomorrow is the big day. The day you’ve been thinking about all week; your job interview for a new position as a nurse practitioner. Over the last few days, you’ve (hopefully) taken the time to study over the job requirements, made a comparative list of your qualifications and have come up with a few examples of how your NP experience relates to this position; you’ve even perfected how you’ll answer certain questions the interviewer may ask. 

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Should You Ditch Your Full-Time NP Job for Freelancing?

In my first years as a nurse practitioner I worked more than full-time. I picked up extra shifts and took on PRN positions in addition to a full-time job. I busted my booty to save money to buy a house, a much needed vehicle upgrade, and overall establish myself as a working adult in a successful career. Then, in 2012, I founded MidlevelU which became my side-gig. Seven years later and counting, the day-in and day-out operations of MidlevelU have become a more than full-time commitment and I have adjusted my schedule working as a nurse practitioner in the emergency department accordingly. I maintain PRN positions with a few local hospitals and work seeing patients one or two days a week. 

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Living Down Under: How to Practice as a NP in Australia

Australia not only boasts golden sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, snowy mountains and deserts with a mild, year-round climate but a laid back lifestyle for which its residents pride themselves on. With a strong economy, a low unemployment rate and a culture of work-life balance, it’s no wonder the land down under is an attractive destination for Americans looking to live abroad. If you’re a nurse practitioner thinking of making the move, you’re in even more luck. Not only is the NP role in Australia is practically identical to that of the U.S., but the overall processes for relocating and practicing as a NP is pretty straightforward too.  

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This Year's Top 10 Posts About NP Salaries

If there's one type of article MidlevelU readers like to peruse, it's those about salaries. We don't blame you. Whether you're comparing your salary to others, considering comp in a new location, or are just plain curious, it's always interesting to check out salary statistics. So, we'e delivering this year by compiling our top posts about nurse practitioner pay this year. Read on for everything from tips for asking for a raise to state-by-state salary data. 

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11 Posts for NPs Who Want to Work Internationally

Living abroad is one of those pipe dreams for me. While I'm not sure it will work out in the next twenty years given the commitments I have related to work and family, one can dream, right?! Whether you're a nurse practitioner with the flexibility to pick up and move or one who simply likes to know what your options are, there are a number ways for NPs to work internationally whether in the traditional employment sense or through a volunteer organization. 

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Featured NP Residency Opportunity - New Mexico

Is this New Mexico adventure right for you?

Are you dreaming of working in a clinic that will assist you grow in to the autonomous NP you strive to be? Are you a recent grad thinking about participating in our Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) program? We have the place for you!

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10 Things To Do If You Haven't Landed a NP Job by Graduation

Graduating from your nurse practitioner program seems like a light at the end of the tunnel. Until, that is, you realize you are unemployed and face a mountain of student loan debt. Your classmates all seem to be signing employment agreements before receiving a diploma, causing job search anxiety to mount. Where are you going wrong with your search? How might you become a stronger applicant for nurse practitioner jobs?

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We're Hiring a Family Nurse Practitioner!

Do you know someone who might be a good fit for the job?

MidlevelU's education programs, ThriveAP and Midlevels for the Medically Underserved, are growing and were looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated Family Nurse Practitioner to join our team. If you or someone you know is an experienced FNP enthusiastic about helping new grads with the challenges they face after graduation, here's an overview of the open position. 

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3 Mistakes You’re Probably Making After Your NP Job Interview

I’ve talked with a number of nurse practitioners looking for jobs. Whether new grads fresh out of school, or NPs with several years of experience, it seems there are a few common themes that emerge in the job acquisition process for nurse practitioners across the board. Surprisingly, many of the mistakes NPs make during this process occur not during an interview, but after. 

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