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MobileNurse App Offers Advice on When to Seek Treatment

Physician's Plus, a managed care organization in Wisconsin, has developed an app, MobileNurse, to help keep patients from making unnecessary emergency department visits.  With the app, patients are able to enter sympt

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Spray Tanning: The Safe Alternative to Sun Bathing?

I love to lay outside and soak up some sweet sunshine.  Given my Latvian descent, summertime usually bestows upon my skin a bronzey hue.  There is just something about being tan that makes me feel more confident and radiant.  This past year, however I have decided it is time to grow up, trade in the SPF 4 for 45 and sa

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What's Up With All The Olympic Athletic Tape?

Covering the perfectly toned muscles of many of this year's Olympic athletes: Kinesio athletic tape.  Regarded by physical therapists as a way to relieve pain and heal muscle injuries, is this tape just a trend or is it really effective?  Should you recommend it to your patients?

How does this athletic tape work?

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Top 10 Favorite Women's Lab Coats

You know the drill.  You wake up and get ready for a long day at the clinic or hospital making sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free.  You take a quick look in the mirror...presentable.  Then, once at work you throw on your big, baggy, shapeless lab coat hiding all of your painstaking effort at the ironing board.  Does the cute, fashionable lab coat exist?  We have discovered ten different figure friendly lab coats for women.

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What Steps Do You Take If You Have a Needlestick Injury?

As I discussed in my blog post a few days ago, needlestick injuries are a reality in the workplace.  Over 1,000 occur each day in hospitals across the United States.  What do you do if a needlestick injury happens to you?

1. Immediately wash the affected area with soap and water

2. Report the incident to your supervisor.  Make sure the details of the incident are well documented. 

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Take the Needlestick Safety Pledge!

This week at MidlevelU, we are supporting the needlestick saftely movement.  Join thousands of other nurses in signing the Needlestick Safety Pledge.

You will also be entered to win a free iPad!

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The Needlestick Safety Movement

I did not pay close attention to warnings about the possibility of needlestick injuries while I was in my nursing program.  I did not think a needlestick would ever happen to me.  And, well, it hasn't...yet.  As I progress in my nurse practitioner career I witness more and more needlestick injuries among my coworkers and have also had close calls myself. 

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Choose Wisely: Do You Really Need to Order That Test? Part 2

As I discussed in my blog post on July 10th, the necessity of many routine medical tests along with the need for an annual physical are being called into question.  How do you keep up with current medical guidelines and learn which routine tests may not be necessary?  This year, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation launched a new program called Choose Wisely.  

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How Will Healthcare Reform Affect Nurse Practitioners?

The news is out- Healthcare Reform has passed.  Whether or not you support Obama's Affordable Care Act, if you work in healthcare, this decision will affect you. 

What Does the Affordable Care Act Promise Nurse Practitioners?

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Physicians Shifting Procedural Work to Midlevel Providers

Janice Boughton, MD, author of the blog Why is Americn Healthcare So Expensive, suggests physicians should consider shifting procedurals work to nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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Happy Memorial Day! What You Can Do As A Nurse Practitioner to Serve Our Country

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all of those who have fought to protect us here in the United States and to their families who have supported them.  As a nurse practitioner, what can you do for your country?  There are some amazing careers available to nurse practitioners in the government sector both within the United States and internationally .

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Seeking Guest Bloggers!

Are you a involved in the healthcare industry?  We are seeking physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, physicians, students and individuals working for healthcare related companies to share their opinions through our blog.  If you would like to write a guest blog for MidLevelU please contact us at  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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