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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th! I hope you have some all-American plans lined up to celebrate Independence Day. Weather permitting, I plan to spend some time poolside with friends, fire up the grill, and watch evening fireworks. What's on your agenda for the day? If you could use some downtime reading while you get a little holiday R&R, check out this week's medical news on the lighter side. 

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Advice for New Grad NPs from Not-So-New Grad NPs

Kicking off your nurse practitioner career is stressful to say the least. Not only are you starting a new profession, chances are that life is throwing other major transitions your way as you wrap up your NP program. You may be moving to a new city, for example, to begin working for a new employer. Each of these changes in itself can be a lot to manage. When major transitions occur simultaneously, it's natural for new grad NPs to feel overwhelmed. 

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Decoding Physician Assistant Scope of Practice Regulations

All healthcare providers, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants alike practice under a set of rules and regulations. While some of these guidelines are implemented at a federal level, states also get a say in how providers are allowed to practice. These sets of guidelines are referred to as scope of practice regulations. State legislatures have the authority to modify them as they see fit. This means the way each type of provider practices looks different in every state. 

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Nurse Practitioners, Are You Complying with This Reporting Law?

By Leondria Taty, MSN, FNP-C

Every state has a reportable disease list, and health care providers including nurse practitioners are required by law to report these diseases. Yes, that’s right by law. That’s because when these diseases are not reported, delayed, or incomplete, new incidences of the disease can occur and spread in your community. Here’s how it works and why it’s important.

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7 International Experiences for Learning Medical Spanish

We've been talking language skills this week on MidlevelU. From the legal requirements of working with non-English speaking patients, to the logistics of working with an interpreter, there's a lot to consider in treating patients from other cultures. While acting as your own interpreter isn't advised unless you are truly fluent, it is helpful to at least understand a few basics of languages commonly spoken by your patients. 

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Don't Miss Our First Ever Continuing Education Conference for NPs!

Hello there! How's your weekend going? I've decided I just can't wait any longer to reveal our next project here at MidlevelU. So, I am taking advantage of this rainy Sunday afternoon lounging on my couch with my laptop to share a few details. As a nurse practitioner, I love attending continuing education conferences. Not only are they a solid excuse for a getaway, conferences give us the chance to further our skills as NPs, help us to connect with others in our profession, and renew our career energy. Given my CE love, at MidlevelU we've decided to provide our very own continuing education experience here in Nashville, TN! 

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Are Pharmaceutical Companies Targeting Kids?

As nurse practitioners, we're far too familiar with the influence that drug companies have on our patients. Asking for medications by name, patients often come to us knowing exactly what they want. They are influenced by friends, family, or marketing campaigns. While marketing efforts by pharmaceutical companies aren't inherently a bad thing, drugs help billions of people, the tactics of these companies have been called into question. Recently, the issue has taken on new light given it's effect on increasingly younger populations. 

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Rediscover Your Reason for Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

I talked with a hospital administrator recently who honed in on something that I think goes largely ignored in the healthcare community. As nurse practitioners, we may not be burnt out, but we do grow frustrated and disillusioned by the challenges we face in our jobs. Our patients can be non-compliant, meaning our time and effort seems to be in vain. We may work with 'difficult' patients - drug seekers, confrontational attitudes etc. Facing these aspects of working in healthcare is enough to leave us critical of our career circumstances. 

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Newsflash! Demand for Nurse Practitioners Higher than Physicians

...Some physicians, anyway

This week, Forbes reported that demand for nurse practitioners is higher than the demand for most physician specialties. Only family physicians, psychiatrists and internists are more highly sought after than NPs in today's job market. Demand for nurse practitioners was higher than that of 15 other physician specialties. Why the changing employment tide?

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An NP's 5 Rules for Being Friends with Coworkers

The emergency department where I work has a very collegial environment. Physicians, NPs and nurses spend time socially with one another., One friend/coworker group, for example, vacationed together at the Hangout Fest music festival in Alabama earlier this year. A Kentucky Derby viewing party is an annual event held in one MD’s home and all ED staff are invited to attend. Yet another group of workplace friends organizes regular lunch meet-ups with an open invitation. While socialization between coworkers is generally positive, I often wonder if the nature of our workplace social structure has the potential to lead to professional pitfalls.

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AAFP Objects to Subspecialty Nurse Practitioner Referrals, Thoughts?

As nurse practitioners, we're all well aware that there can be tension between NPs and MDs, particularly when it comes to organizations representing these professions. While nurse practitioners and physicians typically get along well in the workplace, a war wages behind the scenes as to the rights and privileges NPs should be granted. Physicians fight to keep a superior stake in the ground and maintain a hierarchy in medicine. A recent op-ed, I Referred My Patients to Subspecialists; So Why Did They See NPs?, posted on the American Academy of Family Physicians website takes an angle in the argument against nurse practitioners that I hadn't previously considered.

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Don't Miss These Important Deadlines for NHSC Loan Repayment

Chances are that as a Nurse Practitioner, you’ve probably heard of the National Health Service Corps’ Loan Repayment Program (NHSC LRP), which awards licensed healthcare professionals up to $50,000 to use towards student loans. In exchange, providers commit two years to treating underserved patients in a health professional shortage area. 

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