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Nurse Practitioner Job Cover Letter Q&A

The nurse practitioner job search process can be exhausting. Not only have you applied for state licenses, made sure your BLS and ACLS certifications are up to date, and looked through at least a million job postings, you're faced with the always daunting task of getting your resume up to date. Not to mention, you have been stuck staring at your laptop with writer's block for hours attempting to draft the perfect cover letter. But, not so fast...

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What Nurse Practitioners Need to Know About New Hydrocodone Rules

Last month, a new ruling from the DEA regarding hydrocodone went into effect. So, this month, when your patients present for refills of their pain medications, they will likely have questions. In some states, the new regulations may even impact nurse practitioner's ability to prescribe these medications. 

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7 Steps to Take After Submitting Nursing School Applications

By MidlevelU Intern and Nurse Practitioner Program Applicant Ashley Prince

Done with your nursing or nurse practitioner program applications? Me too! These last few months have been long and confusing (early deadlines, actual deadlines, online applications, paper transcripts, GRE codes, personal essays, oh my!). But, now I can breathe the sweet sigh of relief that it's all over. 

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6 Tips for Starting Your New Nurse Practitioner Job Off Right

Starting a new job is stressful. You're managing relationships with new coworkers, facing a steep learning curve if you are a recent graduate, and learning to navigate a new workplace environment. MidlevelU intern Stephanie Bauer has gathered some tips and tricks for getting your new NP job off on the right foot. 

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3 Non-Traditional Job Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners

Looking for a job? Finding a nurse practitioner position can be frustrating in some markets. Expanding your job search horizons can help. There are a few types of employers that find themselves constantly in need of NPs. These positions are often in different settings than your average family practice clinic and can be an excellent opportunity to expand your skill set. 

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Patterned Scrubs for Fall that Work

I'm not usually a big patterned scrub wearer. I stick to my good 'ole, road-tested, monochromatic blue or black sets. But, I have noticed companies stepping up their style when it comes to America's favorite healthcare wear over the past year or two. Mirroring popular styles commonly seen on the streets of fashion locales like NYC, scrub makers are getting the picture when it comes to choosing patterns. 

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A Glimpse Into Life as a CRNA Student

We talk a lot about nurse practitioners here at MidlevelU, but today we're branching out. Becoming a nurse practitioner isn't the right career path for every nurse aspiring to an advanced education. One option for nurses looking for something new is to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) providing anesthetics to patients for surgeries and procedures. Could life as a CRNA be right for you?

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5, 5-Minute Ways for Nurse Practitioners to Unwind

When I get home from working in the ER, I need a few minutes to decompress. I have been talking to strangers nonstop, staring into a twilight zone of fluorescent lights, listening to the incessant bleep bleep of monitors, and have yet to experience even a brief moment of silence. My husband is the same way. Upon arriving home from work, we simply glance at each other across the kitchen and immediately understand not to ask about the other's least not yet. 

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Are You Indifferent to Independent Practice Issues?

I attended a seminar last month where nurse practitioner 'independence' was a core topics of conversation. During a break one of my former NP program classmates and I hit the local taco shop for a quick lunch. Sitting at the table over heaping bowls of chips and guac, she casually dipped a chip and asked "Do you really care about all this independent practice stuff?". "I really don't", she admitted.

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Lessons in Living and Dying from London

This past week I traveled to London to visit friends. From dining on traditional British fare to attending the theater to view a satire mocking the royal family, I took in the sights, sounds, and yes, dreary days, of England. On one sightseeing afternoon, my husband and I, along with our friends, stumbled in to the British Museum to escape the rainy afternoon and were pleasantly surprised at the landmark's offerings.

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Behind the Scenes With a Medical Billing and Coding Expert

If you are like most nurse practitioners, like it or not, you deal with medical billing and coding on a daily basis. You jump through insurance companies' hoops to get MRIs approved and make a case for the medical need of new, branded drugs. We begrudgingly fill out the necessary paperwork to get our patients the treatments they need, wishing there was a better way.

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2 New Inventions That Help Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

By MidlevelU Intern and Healthcare Administrator in Training Stephanie Bauer

The great thing about medicine is that things are always changing. There's new research on the horizon, new drugs undergoing testing, and, my favorite, cool new medical devices being invented. Recently, I learned of two new gadgets on the market that are perfect for helping NPs in their interactions with kids. 

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