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Legal Spotlight: Model Act for Nurse Practitioners

Confused about the differences between laws governing nurse practitioners in each state?  Me too.  Currently, each state governs a nurse practitioner's ability to practice and prescribe differently.  For example, in some states you don't even have to take a national certification exam in order to practice as a nurse practitioner while in most states passing a national exam is required.  The Model Act hopes to change this (too bad for NP's living in these 5 states!).

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HIPAA: What Happens When You Don't Comply?

Most nurse practitioners understand the basics of HIPAA.  But, with the abundance of social media and a newfound cultural acceptance of sharing your life online, HIPAA violations are frequent.  What are the repercussions of a HIPAA slip-up?  

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HIPAA: The Nuts and Bolts

HIPAA details are elusive.  Medical providers verbally pass the word about HIPAA from provider to provider but no one actually reads the specifics of the law.  We all understand the basic gist of HIPAA, don't disclose any patient information to anyone, but sometimes I have more specific questions about the mandate.  Can I tell patient stories to my friends if I don't say the person's name?  What about when the pharmacist calls about changing a medication- is it appropriate for me to name the patient's diagnosis?  I have never actually read a single letter of the HIPAA law so I am doing so today to pick out the highlights. 

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NP Scope of Practice Laws: What's Allowed in Your State?

I have often attempted to locate specifics regarding legislation surrounding nurse practitioners in Tennessee to no avail.  Living in the Volunteer State, am I as a nurse practitioner allowed to sign a death certificate?  I have no idea.  Browsing state government websites for these answers can be frustrating and leave you still searching for answers.  Luckily, medical recruiting agency Barton and Associates recently posted an easy to use interactive feature on their website outlining NP Scope of Practice Laws.

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Top 3 Nurse Practitioner Friendly States

While researching for my

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