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Medical Week in Review 3-8-13

Happy Friday from sunny Mexico!!  Yes, that's right, I have escaped the winter chill and headed South for a week of surfing, yoga and margaritas.  Not to worry, I am still in touch with the 'real world' and this week's most interesting medical happenings.  Check out these links for some end-of-the-week entertainment.

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Medical Week in Review 3-1-2013

Yeah, yeah, I know- I totally skipped last week's 'Medical Week in Review' column.  I must have been in the mental fog of one too many night shifts.  But, this week I am well rested and ready to recap this week's medical happenings.  So, if you are having one of those it's Friday and I'm trying to do as little work as possible without anyone noticing kind of days, check out these stories. 

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Medical Week in Review 2-15-2013

TGIF!  It has certainly been an interesting week in the ER.  It seems nothing makes people prone to public intoxication quite like Valentine's Day.  I have heard enough stories of unrequited love, relationship triangles and break-up's for this year.  I think next year I might request Valentine's Day off work.  Looking for some entertainment to make the work day pass by more quickly?  Check out these interesting medical tidbits.

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Medical Week in Review 2-8-2013

Finally, we have reached the end of an exhausting week.  The energy and resolve associated with the New Year has waned.  We have deviated from our exercise schedules and last week's Super Bowl has reignited our passion for junk food.  Winter has us driving to work in the dark and returning home after the sun has set.  For a little 'pick me up', let's look at the more interesting and amusing happenings in medicine this week.

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Medical Week in Review 2-1-2013

February is here...and it's Friday.  We are officially one month closer to warmer weather and one day away from the weekend.  If that's not enough to make your day fly by, check out some of these more interesting happenings in medicine.

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Medical Week in Review 1-25-2013

There is just too much to cover on a weekly basis in the world of medicine.  My "To Blog" list gets longer and longer.  Eventually I get around to paring down the list simply because content becomes too outdated.  I'm like a hamster on a wheel.  My attempts to keep up with medical news are furious yet I never get anywhere.  To solve this problem I am beginning a 'Medical Week in Review' column.  Here, I will share quick quips on the week's top medical news and happenings of interest. 

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